Cell phone Jammer is necessary for those who want to prevent leaks of personal and commercial information. The range of equipment is becoming wider; however, any phone jammer, regardless of model, will be able to fulfill its main goal: to block all signals and networks available in the room, both mobile and Wi-Fi.

Applications of cell phone jammers

If you want to keep a trade secret, a calm business environment in a conference room or meeting room, or maybe just silence, you should buy a cell phone jammer. Situations and circumstances when you really can’t do without this helpful device are different:

  1. Training classes during examinations. By installing a cell phone blocker, you can be sure that applicants and students will not be able to cheat.

2. Gas stations and enterprises are working with oil and other flammable liquids. A powerful cell jammer such as GSM 3G 4G LTE CDMA 2.4GHz will provide security (explosive devices known to be remotely activated will be jammed). In addition to the extensive range of suppressed frequencies, the specified stationary cell phone jammer stands out for its significant range – up to 100 meters.

3. Conference rooms, offices, meeting rooms. Why is a cell phone signal jammer needed in such cases? To save time, effort, and nerves. Otherwise, the working environment may be disturbed by calls and the vibration of mobile phones.

4. Recording studios, theaters, cinema halls. Peace and quiet will be guaranteed if a mobile and WiFi jammer is installed on such places.

5. Medical institutions. Mobile and Internet communication signals can lead to malfunctions of various measuring instruments and diagnostic systems. That is why the cell phone jammer is needed even in public hospitals and private clinics.

6. Military bases. In order to keep military secrets, a mobile and GSM jamme is absolutely necessary.

7. Temples, mosques, churches. Devices can also be used for ethical reasons.

8. Confinement zones of various regimes. A mobile phone is a convenient tool for crime. Therefore, a phone blocker, which you can buy in our online store with worldwide delivery, is also installed in places of deprivation of liberty.

The principle of operation of the cell phone jammer

phone block

The cell phone jammer prevents signals from passing between the base stations of the Internet, mobile operators, and mobile devices. The device achieves this by generating noise in the selected frequency range, due to which the connection will “fall” for any gadget that falls within the range of the jammer.

Modern jammers, such as GSM 3G LTE 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth or GSM 3G CDMA, have an extensive range. Therefore, any of these high-tech models can be used for information protection of several premises at the same time.

We supply cell phone jammers that can block all frequencies of mobile signals, no matter 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G are all possible to be blocked with our powerful jammers. And we offer free worldwide shipping, check them out on our shop and you will love them.

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