The signal jammer is a radio transmitter designed to jam, disrupt or block radio waves. It generally acts by emitting stronger and high-power signals toward the targeted frequency band. The target signals are then no longer detected by the receivers. Most people ask us about jamming distance. Here in this post, we list the frequently asked question about the distance to let you have a better understanding of this.

What is the typical range of a jammer? 

Customers are usually confused with the term jamming range. Well, it’s pretty simple. The jamming range indicates how long a signal jammer can block the signal at maximum, so it is also known as jamming distance. The most common distance you can find can range from 32ft up to 1640ft. But the actual distance of the signal jammer is often influenced by many factors.

Does a high-power jammer offer a longer jamming distance?

Yes, high-power signal jammers can jam further distances. Some jammers are able to create an area as large as a football field which is about 100 yards. The signal jammers used by the military can jam up to 2km. Since their powerful jamming ability, so it’s possible to be used by individuals.

What range is better?

Obviously, there is no standard answer to this question. Everyone has their own circumstances. Not everyone prefers a more extended range. For example, a low-power and short-distance jammer would be enough for the cell phone signal jammer used at home. On the other hand, if you choose a drone jammer, you can’t expect a short range because it would be hard to block the drone in the sky. That’s why you always see a 1640ft jamming distance for the drone jammer.

What if I want to cover a larger space?

In this case, using one signal jammer is not enough. You have to put more jammer in place to let them cover a larger space. If you know the exact size of the area you want to cover, you can calculate how many jammers you need to get things done. You should also have a test to check if there are any dead-zone within the covering. 

Can a desktop jammer jam a longer range than a portable one?

Yes, that’s true. Desktop jammer is always more potent than the portables. They can carry more heat sinks and cooling fans for heat dissipation, more antennas, etc. A typical range for a portable jammer is about 130ft, which is enough in most cases.

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