Today, the safety and protection of personal information are gaining more and more relevance. For some data, you can get a tidy sum, and cases of theft of banking information, wiretapping of the phone, and interception of SMS messages are becoming more frequent. It is logical that, in parallel, companies are developing programs and gadgets aimed at protecting information. This article will focus on cell phone jammers.

What is a cell phone jammer, or so-called phone blocker? These are devices for effectively jamming and blocking cellular network signals at specific frequencies; they protect people’s privacy. Cell phone jammers have a different radius of operation and a different frequency range. There are desktop (more powerful) and portable, pocket ones that can jam cellular frequencies, as well as portable GSM and 3G jammers that can deactivate cellular at this frequency.

Generated white noise signals at specified frequencies to protect personal information, negotiations, and important meetings, ensuring state secrets to protect the country. Jammers are widely used in government facilities – these are closed institutions where the importance of maintaining information confidentiality is very high.

The operating range of such devices depends on many factors, such as:

  • distance to cell tower
  • wall thickness
  • the power of the jammer itself
  • the number of walls preventing jamming, etc.

Mobile phone jammers only block frequency ranges that your phone is working on, so other devices, like a Laptop or GPS phone operating near the jammer, will not feel any effect on themselves and will work as usual.

For example, if you have turned on the cell phone blocker, then Wifi wireless network operating at a completely different frequency will function stably, without any deviations. Also, the jammer does not cause much harm to human health; it is the same as using an ordinary mobile phone.

The jammer works quietly, and if you want to hide it in the office or another place, then a person will not be able to understand that it is turned on. We also have a jammer that looks like a power bank. Therefore, no one can tell you are carrying a jammer. Click here to discover more.

At the moment, portable pocket cell phone jammers are in the greatest demand. They easily fit in your pocket and block the specified frequencies within 10-15 meters near you. However, more serious portable devices are also appearing, for example, the JM009 mobile phone jammer, the radius of which can reach up to 20 meters. It has a built-in battery allows you to use signal suppression for about 2 hours without recharging. Such jammers are mainly used to protect personal information and negotiations in small rooms, cars, or the road. They protect against hidden bugs and other listening devices. Also, the cell jammer can be used in anti-terrorist operations, for example, to neutralize detonators that can be activated with a phone call.

Desktop cell phone jammers have a much larger range of signals than portable ones. On average, the range of desktop jammers is about 40-80 meters. Such jammers are commonly used in office buildings, meetings, etc. Some of our desktop jammers, like JM006, come with a remote control so you can turn on or off the device remotely. Also, such jammers are increasingly being used in educational institutions so that students do not get distracted from lessons or classes or cannot cheat on the Internet during exams. Another place to install powerful desktop jammers is correctional facilities, where mobile phones are entirely prohibited.

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