What is GSM?

The mobile phone specification widely used now is the popular GSM (The Global System for Mobile Communications). GSM accounts for more than 80% of the current global cellular mobile communication technology equipment sales market. It is widely used. As you may already know, your phone calls and short messages use GSM to give a smooth network of basic data types when it’s exchange data with the cell tower.

However, the GSM network is far more than everyone knows. The GSM control module is one of many electronic device manufacturers carefully understand and analyze. It is used in many aspects of daily life, but people do not understand it. The available key management system, GSM network car security system, and its intelligent robot have used a dry GSM control module.

GSM is also suitable for indoor cover, and the efficiency of the TV antenna can be assigned to the indoor antenna distribution system software according to the power divider. This is also a typical deployment plan to achieve high-density calling regulations in homes, which are common in shopping malls and airports. The need to cover the room can also be done according to the network signal in the building, but this can enhance the quality of the data signal and reduce interference and echo.

Initially, GSM was the basic network frequency band for mobile phone video voice communications and SMS services. Everyone knows that the unreasonable use of mobile phones is obvious, and using mobile phones in public places will cause significant harm to others. How annoying is it when people are already on the phone? I agree people don’t like to be disturbed when we must keep quiet.

The GSM network’s frequency band is critical for the application of electronic device equipment. Therefore, in many areas where the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited, signal jammer that can block GSM signal are installed, which is what we often call GSM signal jammers.

How to choice yoru first GSM Signal jammer?

gsm signal jammer

When you are buying other signal jammers like GPS jammer, your goal is very clear, you want to block GPS signal. It’s the same when you are buying GSM jammers, we must understand our requirements. For example, in addition to the GSM network, we must mask the data signal type, 3G and 4G network frequency bands. These methods allow us to choose a mobile phone blocker that blocks all data signals. Also, if you have ordered electronic interference devices, you must consider the region you are using because different countries can have a different frequency band. Portable signal jammers allow us to use indoor and outdoor applications, while desktop all-in-one jammers use a variety of antenna designs. Usually, they block the signal in ample space, like a conference room, outdoors and open areas, etc.

We recommend using a 4 wireless antenna portable GSM jammer if you are a new beginner. It can meet your basic requirements and is easy to use. If you are looking for a signal jammer for business usage, the full-featured multi-radio antenna jammer will be your best choice. It is very prominent in terms of functionality and intervention radius and is widely used.