Can you remember our good old days without a smartphone? How do we communicate with each other? Well, we always talked face to face or wrote a letter. Now let’s take a look at the phone screen. All kinds of social software have engulfed our lives. We take photos daily, upload them to Facebook, or find out what other people are doing. Of course, it’s common to use cell phones in classrooms and ring tones in restaurants, theatres, and churches.

Undoubtedly, most offices need internet access, but what about cell phones? After some research, we found that 50% of managers believe using cell phones in the workplace is not good. Using a cell phone at work will distract you. That’s why the productivity of some manufacturers, where using cell phones is prohibited, is exceptionally high. Therefore, you should consider using a signal jammer to shield the signal to improve employees’ work efficiency. We need to take specific measures to make mobile phone use healthier and more standardized. Cell phone jammers have changed the way cell phones are used.

Cell phones have made people’s lives much more convenient and more dependent on cell phones. There are also many bad habits, such as only focusing on cell phones while walking or before sleeping and using cell phones during family activities. These are bad habits. Therefore, blocking cell phone usage is very important for your healthy lifestyle. Whether for organizations or individuals. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about cell phone jammers.

1. Why do I still get a full bar signal during the signal jammer working?

It takes about 30 seconds for the signal jammer to block it completely. After that, your phone can’t dial out or be called. This is the most asked question from our customers. They realized their phone was showing a fake signal.

2. Does the signal jammers affect the work of other devices?

The signal is relatively static and does not interfere with other electronic devices. Most cell phone jammers not only block phone signals, but they also come with a function to block wifi, Bluetooth, or GPS simultaneously. You can simply remove the antennas to disable them if you don’t need that.

3. Are signal jammers dangerous to the human body?

You can be sure. The electromagnetic signal strength of the jammer is very weak. The signal strength does not harm the human body. At the same time, the cell phone signal jammer can only shield the cell phone’s input signal, so the cell phone can’t communicate with the base station and won’t damage the cell phone.

4. Is the distance between wifi jammers different inside and outside the phone?

Of course, the effective distance from the GPS jammer phone signal usually refers to the internal distance. Whether indoors or outdoors, the interference range of the effective screen distance depends on the environment, such as the distance to the base station and the installation site.