Jammer Master is a professional signal jammer supplier. We have operated our innovation lab and production workshop since 2010. When we first heard about 5G technology, we knew it could be a significant change for the whole world, and it also brings trouble for the signal jammer industry. More and more of our customers were asked us if any devices could block 5G perfectly. After the hard-working of our developing team, we finally launched our 5G signal jammers.

In this post, we will explain how a 5G jammer works. If you are interested in this topic, keep reading.

The working method of the 5g signal blocker is to send out a specific western interference signal and interrupt the link between the mobile phone and the base station to complete the purpose of blocking the mobile phone signal. The interference output power emitted by the 5g signal jammer is fixed. The shielded radius of the unobstructed indoor space is determined by the passing time, and the received base station signal pulse signal. To complete the interference of the signal jammer on the mobile phone to the mobile data network, ensure that the signal field strength from the jammer fights against the field strength of the mobile signal in the interference area. The closer the interference address is to the base station, the stronger the field strength and the smaller the good interference area. On the contrary, the interference address is farther away from the base station. The weaker the field strength, the larger the excellent interference area.

The 5g signal jammer causes error code interference in the mobile phone receiving the message format data signal due to the frequency sweep signal (increase the proportion of the noise data signal to the threshold of the machine equipment), and the mobile phone cannot accept the regular data information transmitted from the base station. It makes the mobile phone unable to establish a stable connection with the base station and frees the mobile phone from the communication network of the base station. The mobile phone appears as a situation of poor search network signal and no service system to achieve the actual effect of monopoly. Nowadays, everyone’s information blocker is generally composed of The switching power supply scanning control module is divided into microwave radio frequency control module, amplifier module, transmitting wireless antenna module, and other parts. The signal generator causes the scanner information to pass through the inverter and then drop into the oscillator to be allocated to the working frequency of mobile communication technology. The power amplifier circuit is enlarged on the segment, and the output power is manipulated by the voltage regulator tube. The enlarged frequency sweep signal is sent to the sky through electromagnetic waves.

5G Signal Jammers By Jammer Master

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