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Cell Phone Jammer, also known as a Cellphone Blocker, is designed to disable mobile phone usage by blocking the signal between the cell tower and smartphone. With our high-quality phone jammers, you can block all phone signals from 2G to 5G.

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Cell Phone Jammer: Everything You Should Know

Cell phone jammer is a device that blocks or interferes with the regular operation of mobile phone signals. It blocks all incoming calls, messages, and the internet. It is done by sending out radio signals at some particular frequencies used by mobile phone. Our smartphones will become useless at that time.

It is primarily used in specific areas where we don't want to allow people to use a mobile phone. It is mostly used in public places like movie theatres, hospitals, and government buildings or during military operations. It can also prevent students from using a mobile during class or exams.

How Does a Cell Phone Blocker Work?

mobile phone signal jammersThe cell phone signal jammer disrupts communication by holding up radio waves in an area. It is similar to a radio silence zone. It prevents any incoming or outgoing calls or texts. The cell phone signal jammer emits the same frequency to disrupt an incoming channel.

When you turn on your signal jammer, it will create an area and begin to scan from the low-frequency band to the high one of the wireless network; at the same time, it will send a white noise spam signal within its working area. In that way, the "real" signal between your cell phone and the base station will be interference; your phone cannot detect the signal sent from the base station, so it can't be called. Since the signal also can't be sent out to the base station, you can't dial out within the jamming area. The telecommunications are totally BLOCKED. The size of the jamming area depends on the jammers' range; the most common range is about 20 meters. 

Powerful 5G Cell Phone Signal Jammer by Jammer Master

With the increasing use of 5G networks, the need for 5G signal jammers has become more important than ever before. Our 5G cell phone jammers are capable of blocking signals within a range of up to 80 meters, making them ideal for use in offices, conference rooms, and other public areas where privacy is crucial.

Serial#Cell Phone JammerTypeAntennasRange (M)Out Put Power (W)

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Why Do We Use Mobile Phones Signal Jammers?

People buy mobile phone frequencies blocker to block the following devices:

  1. Hidden cameras stream video
  2. Windows phones
  3. Mobile network
  4. Android mobile device
  5. Wifi signals

Cell phone blocker is specially designed for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and a base station where concerned authorities want to maintain security policies. The most powerful desktop jammer jamming range can vary. It also depends on the frequency bands and strength signal to block all those threats.

Is There Any Way to Detect a Jammer?

Some apps claim to be able to detect cell phone jammers, but they have not been thoroughly tested. For the typical person, finding a cell phone blocker is next to impossible unless they have access to sophisticated military-grade equipment. It is almost next to impossible.

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How to Choice a Cell Phone Jammer?

Choosing the cell phone jammer that can meet your need is not an easy job, especially considering so many options lie there. Here are some suggestions from Jammer Master to help you make the decisions.

We think there are two questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a cell phone jammers.

1. Where are you going to use it?

If you want to block the signal in small spaces indoors, then go for low-power cell phone jammers. They are enough to get the job done, and the prices are lower. On the other hand, if your jammers will be used in large and open outdoor spaces, then it's better to go for the high-power jammers. Since the phone signal strength in outdoor spaces is higher than indoors, using a high-power jammer can not only jam for a more extended range but also reach a better jamming result.

2. Do you need to block the 5G?

Our jammers can block all channels but not every mold support 5G jamming. If 5G is one of your targets, you should check out the details on the product page.

3. Do you need to hide your cell phone jammer?

We have a phone jammer that looks like a power bank, or you can say it's a power bank with build-in signal blocking features. If you want to hide your jammer, you can't get wrong with it.


The range of a mobile phone jammer depends on various factors, such as the type of jammer, the frequency it uses, and the surrounding environment.

Some jammers have a short range and can only block signals within a few meters, while other mobile phone jammers have a much wider range and can block signals within several hundred meters or even a few kilometers.

The range of a jammer can also be affected by obstacles such as walls, buildings, or other structures that can weaken the signal strength.

It is important to note that using mobile phone jammers is illegal in many countries, and using such devices can disrupt authorized communication services, including emergency services, and potentially endanger public safety. Therefore, using or relying on mobile phone jammers is not recommended.

The minimum cost of a cell phone blocker device at our shop is $599. Frequency bands play a vital role in determining the price of signal jammer jamming devices.

There are various factors of cell phone jammers upon which their cost depends. The cost of a jamming device can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type of jammer, its features, and its range. Its cost also depends upon a range of jammers. If you require a large area, the cost will increase and reach several thousands of dollars. 

Yes, we can block signal jammers. There are top 3 methods to block cell phone signals:

  1. signal-blocking cases
  2. signal jammers
  3. special signal-blocking paint

Subsequently, official buildings have signal-blocking materials in their walls to prevent cell phone signals from entering.

Bypassing signal jammer is pretty complicated. Since, cell phone jamming devices are set to block radio frequencies, which make it difficult to establish a connection. The best method to bypass a frequency jammer is to have a device that can emit a more powerful signal as compared to the targeted device.

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