Cell Phone Jammer

Cell Phone Jammer, also known as a Phone Blocker, is designed to disable mobile phone usage by blocking the signal between the cell tower and smartphone. With our high-quality phone jammers, you can block all phone signals like 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G.

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12 Bands 8.4W Output Power Signal Jammer Portable Jamming 4G/3G/2G WIFI GPS LOJACK RC Signal

  • JM009 can block LOJACK, GPS, Wifi, RF signals, and all cell phone signals except 5G
  • Jamming range up to 20 meters (66ft)
  • 10,000mAh battery supports more than 120 minutes of jamming
  • Comes with a car charger so you can use it in the car directly. 12V DC/AC power supply available
  • Good cooling system with cooling fans inside
  • With the DIP switch design, you can remove the antennas to disable the blocking features you don't need without affecting other functions.

8 Antenna Cell Phone Signal Jammer Blcok 2g/3G/4G and LOJACK GPS WIFI

  • Block cell phone, wifi, and GPS signal
  • Jamming up to 20 meters (65.6ft)
  • Up to 120 minutes of jamming
  • Car charger and AC charger included
  • Cooling fans insde
  • With DIP switch, turn off any band without affecting other function

8 Antenna Signal Jammer Can Interfere With LOJACK UHF VHF WIFI 3G 4G

  • JM003 is designed to block full band cell phone and Wifi signal. With the option to block other extra signals.
  • Jamming up to 40 meters (131ft)
  • Excellent jamming result with external omni-directional antennas
  • Comes with a car charger DC12V
  • Each of the band can be turn off separately
  • Three cooling fans inside

8 Bands Signal Jammer Handheld GPS WiFi LOJACK 2G, 3G, 4G Jamming Distance 50m

  • Ability to block cell phone, GPS, Wifi signals
  • Jamming up to 50 meters (164ft)
  • A bigger battery capacity supports up to 60 minutes of jamming
  • Comes in an LCD screen displaying the battery status
  • Excellent cooling system designed with build-in cooling fans and heat sink inside
  • With the DIP switch, you can turn on/off any bands without affecting other function

Desktop Signal Jammer 12 Antennas Wireless Network Blocker 3G 4G Wi-Fi GPS LOJACK Jamming Distance 40m

  • Block full band cell phone, Wifi, Walkie-Talkie, and more
  • Jamming up to 40 meters (131ft)
  • External omni-directional antennas
  • Car charger included
  • Each of the band can be turn off without affecting other function

Desktop Wireless Signal Blocker Interference 5G/4G/3G/2G WIFI GPS LOJACK LORA UHF VHF Interference Distance 80 Meters

  • Support ALL signals blocking, including phone signals at all frequencies, Wifi, GPS, LORA, LOJACK, UHF, VHF, and RC signals
  • Jamming up to 80 meters (263ft)
  • External high gain 3-5dbi Omni-directional antennas all the TX frequency covered down link only.
  • Comes with a remote control to turn on/off the device
  • Build-in AC110-240V to 24V adapter. Safe and easy to use.
  • Can adjust or turn off any single band without influencing the other band's operation
  • LED pilot light show the working status of each band
  • Independent module design for easy maintenance.

Full Band 5G 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi GPS LOJACK Desktop Signal Jammer 22 Antennas

  • Block all cell phone signals, Wifi, GPS, and Walkie-Talkie
  • Jamming up to 40 meters (131ft)
  • External omni-directional antennas
  • Remote control included
  • Car charger included
  • Turning off any signal band will not affect other function

Full-band Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Can Cut Off 3G 4G 5G WIFI GPS LOJACK Jamming Distance 80 Meters

  • Block ALL cell phone and Wifi signals
  • Up to 80 meters (263ft) of jamming distance
  • Adjustable output power, with LED pilot light to indicate the status of each band
  • External high gain 2-3dbi Omni-directional antennas
  • Removing any signal band will not affects the function of other bands
  • 9 cooling fans inside

Handheld Cell Phone Jammer 2G 3G 4G 5G Wi-Fi GPS UHF VHF

  • Block all cell phone signal, Wifi, GPS, LOJACK, and remote control
  • Jam up to 25 meters (82ft)
  • Up to 150 minutes of jamming
  • Car charger included
  • Nylon cover included
  • LCD screen displaying working status
  • With DIP switch design, any signal band can be turned off without affecting other functions
  • 3 cooling fans inside

Portable 16 Antenna GPS 5G 4G 3G 2G WIFI LOJACK RC Signal Jammer

  • Block all cell phone signals including 5G, GPS, LOJACK, and RC signals
  • Jamming up to 20 meters (65.6ft)
  • Up to 120 minutes of jamming
  • Two sets of antennas with different lengths
  • LCD screen displaying the status like battery info, voltage, etc.
  • Car charger included
  • DIP switch design, any signal bands, can be turned off without affecting other function

Portable Cell Phone Jammer Can Jam 4G/3G/2G Block LOJACK GPS, Wi-Fi, Walkie-Talkie UHF/VHF RF Jamming Distance 20 Meters

  • All-in-One signal jammer support cell phone, LOJACK, GPS, Wifi, RF signals blocking
  • Jamming range up to 20 meters (66ft)
  • Up to 120 minutes of signal blocking
  • Easy to carry with Nylon cover to wear on the arm or belt
  • Car charger included.
  • DIP switch available, can turn off any bands without affecting others
  • Good cooling system with cooling fans inside

Portable Cell Phone Wireless Signal Jammer Full Band 5G/4G/3G/2G WIFI GPS VHF/LOJACK+RC

  • This jammer can block all cell phone signals, LOJACK, GPS, Wifi, and RF signals.
  • Jamming range up to 25 meters (82ft)
  • Support up to 150 minutes of continued working
  • Comes with a car charger and Nylon cover
  • Good cooling system with 3 cooling fans inside

Cell Phone Jammer: Everything You Should Know

One can get an idea of big antennas and radars when it comes to a cell phone jammer. You will feel like James Bond. However, a cell phone signal jammer is not what you think so far. A portable hi-tech device safeguards your data from being hacked. Are we confusing you?

Suppose you are new to this privacy protection niche and want to buy the best cell phone jammer for safety, security, and data privacy. In that case, you may get off the right track with many options. Today, we bring the most crucial facts regarding cell phone jammers. We want you to stay ahead of anyone.

What is a Cell Phone Jammer?

A cell phone signal jammer is used by the military and other federal agencies. Eventually, it became a very demanding tech. A cell phone jammer blocks the reception channel from cell towers to your smartphone. You will find various types of jammers in the market according to your budget, choice, and needs.

How does a Cell Phone Blocker Work?

The cell phone signal jammer disrupts communication by holding up radio waves in an area. It is similar to a radio silence zone. It prevents any incoming or outgoing calls or texts. The cell phone signal jammer emits the same frequency to disrupt an incoming channel.

When you turn on your jammer, it will create an area and begin to scan from the low-frequency band to the high one of the wireless network; at the same time, it will send a white noise spam signal within its working area. In that way, the "real" signal between your cell phone and the base station will be interference; your phone cannot detect the signal sent from the base station, so it can't be called. Since the signal also can't be sent out to the base station, you can't dial out within the jamming area. The telecommunications are totally BLOCKED. The size of the jamming area depends on the jammers' range; the most common range is about 20 meters. 

What Purpose Does a Cell Phone Signal Jammer Have?

Cell phone jammers can be used where mobile phones, texts, and streaming videos could cause problems. Remember that a cell phone blocker not only disrupts your phone's voice and text capabilities but also disables the location services, your wireless network, and Bluetooth.

Is There Any Way to Detect a Jammer?

Some apps claim to be able to detect cell phone jammers, but they have not been thoroughly tested. For the typical person, finding a cell phone blocker is next to impossible unless they have access to sophisticated military-grade equipment. It is almost next to impossible.

How to Choice a Cell Phone Jammer?

Choosing the cell phone jammer that can meet your need is not an easy job, especially considering so many options lie there. Here are some suggestions from Jammer Master to help you make the decisions.

We think there are two questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a cell phone jammers.

1. Where are you going to use it?

If you want to block the signal in small spaces indoors, then go for low-power cell phone jammers. They are enough to get the job done, and the prices are lower. On the other hand, if your jammers will be used in large and open outdoor spaces, then it's better to go for the high-power jammers. Since the phone signal strength in outdoor spaces is higher than indoors, using a high-power jammer can not only jam for a more extended range but also reach a better jamming result.

2. Do you need to block the 5G?

Our jammers can block all channels but not every mold support 5G jamming. If 5G is one of your targets, you should check out the details on the product page.

3. Do you need to hide your cell phone jammer?

We have a phone jammer that looks like a power bank, or you can say it's a power bank with build-in signal blocking features...LOL. If you want to hide your jammer, you can't get wrong with it.

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide gets you a better understanding of cell phone jammers. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer free worldwide shipping and one year warranty for all orders, so please shop it with peace in mind.