Signal jammer can be used for work or at home. For example, the signal jammers installed in the offices can protect your business meeting from eavesdropping or used in a car for the anti-tracking purpose. Since the signal jammers can cut off all signals you dislike, they can eliminate risks that could hurt you or your business.

Let’s have a look at what signal jammers can block signals: 

  • Mobile signal, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G;
  • Wifi network on 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • GPS signal from L1 to L5
  • Remote control

These frequencies work in various combinations based on the purpose of the device. Some manufacturers fit the entire frequency grid into one device and guarantee extraordinary properties, which generally spoil the reputation for efficiency.

We will introduce what you should consider before buying a signal jammer. Learning more about the products you will buy can help you make a smarter decision; that’s true even outside the world of signal jammers. Although the choice seems simple, many factors affect the efficiency and reliability of the instrument.

What is a signal jammer?

A signal jammer is a device that blocks or disrupts the transmission of radio signals. There are 3 types of signal jammers:

Cell phone jammer. Also known as phone blockers. They can block all radio frequency transmissions between your mobile phone and the cell tower. This can be used to prevent people from receiving unwanted signals such as cellphone, paging, and alarm systems. They can also be used to block communications from specific devices. For example, you could use a phone blocker to block unwanted communications from your neighbor’s wireless router.

Wifi Jammer. It’s design to do the task of wifi network jamming. When you turn it on, the wifi jammer will block the radio wave transmission between router and phone/tablet/PC, etc. The wifi signals are run on 2.4GHz or 5GHz. But some wifi jammers can block both of them. And please noted that wifi jammer can also disrupt Bluetooth signals because they are working on the same frequency as wifi signal.

GPS jammer. As we mentioned above, GPS jammers are best for anti-tracking purpose as they can disrupt the communication between tracker and satellites. They can also block GPS phone communications.

Drone Jammer. You can tell by it’s name, it’s for drone blocking. Drone jammers are usually come in a high-power design because any low-power interferences are not enough to jam the drone.

The Pros & Cons of Signal Jamming

The main reason why people use these devices is to prevent unwanted callers from reaching them and bothering them. Signal jammers also help protect their privacy by preventing anyone from listening in on their conversations or spying on them through their devices.

But signal jammers have their disadvantages too. The main disadvantage is that they can cause interference with nearby wireless signals and cause issues with your cellphone reception and battery life.

Signal jammers work by creating interference with the cellular signals used by cell phones and other wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, and computers. This interference causes the device being jammed to lose its connection with the nearest base station tower, thus making it impossible for the phone or device to receive a call or access the internet.

What to Consider Before Buying a Signal Jammer

Desktop or portable?

You should first ask yourself whether you need a desktop or portable signal jammer. The desktop signal jammers are heavy but mighty; the portable ones are easy to carry but usually comes in a low-power design. If you are going to use the jammer in the office or in any places where you don’t need to move it in the future, we suggest going for a desktop one. But if you want to use it outdoors, you should consider a portable jammer.


The second important question you should consider is about power; many new beginners can confuse with this. High-power signal jammers can block for a longer distance but consume more energy. A classic high-power signal jammer can block a signal within 80 meters; some drone jammers can even block within 500 meters. And for the low-power jammers can usually block from 10 to 50 meters.

 The presence of a battery

Whether you prefer a desktop or portable signal jammer, they all come with a built-in battery. However, even when using a device with a battery in a car, it is recommended to supply power and operate from the mains to improve efficiency. Also, external antennas and a channel regulator can distinguish different types of jammers.

The main parameter is the frequency grid.

This characteristic is the most important since it is simply impossible to adapt one device for all tasks. Everything is simple here: the more channels, the less power per channel. An excellent jammer in a separate room will work best.

In case mobility is required, it is recommended to choose several low-power devices with a helpful signal or, in extreme cases, one device, but we are looking for an opportunity to provide power. As a rule, in terms of range, plastic portable jammers.

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