Can you prevent a cell phone from being tracked? In our instructions, we have numerous tips ready for you with which you can make cell phone tracking under iOS and Android less precise or even prevent it entirely. The good thing about it is that you use system functions here, and blocking the location is free.

Can cell phone tracking be prevented? Because location services use the hardware of your smartphone for localization. You can easily control this yourself via the system settings of Android and iOS.

With our checklist, you can easily work through five points that make it difficult for location services to locate your cell phone. However, you gradually do without more and more functions of your smartphone. So you have to decide for yourself which functions you need.

Prevent phone tracking: Uninstall or turn off tracking software

If you lose your mobile phone or if it is stolen from you, check the current location on your PC or tablet. This is achieved using built-in functions in the Android and iOS operating systems. On Android, you will find the function “Find my device”; on iOS, under “Find my iPhone,” you only need your password and the username used.

What tells you the location of your cell phone in an emergency also tells hackers or spying partners where you are. Therefore, turn off the function in your smartphone’s settings or ensure that nobody has access to your account.

Someone could also willfully install spy apps on your phone. In our instructions, we tell you how to uninstall apps on Android and delete applications on iOS. So if you find programs you don’t have installed, remove them as a precaution because spy apps can also disguise themselves as other apps or mobile games.

Antivirus apps for your smartphone also protect you from spy apps. These scan your phone for malware and identify software that forwards your data to dubious servers. The gallery above shows you the best virus scanners for Android!

Still not work?

If all of the above information can still solve your problem, you may have to pay some cost to fix them. GPS jammers are the last choose can help you to overcome unwanted tracking. They work like a noise generator; I do not mean the jammer will run loudly; they are silent when they are working. They send out noise signals to interfere with the GPS frequencies.

Does a GPS jammer really work?

Yes, it works like a charm. So many people have been killing the annoying tracking with GPS jammers. If you activate the GPS jammer, it will eliminate ALL signals between the satellites and recipients, which in most cases can be your smartphones or a tiny tracker device stuck in your car. When the communication between the two sides is disabled, there is no chance to send the data about your location to the monitor systems. That’s why it works perfectly.

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