Absolutely any mobile phone can be hacked and tapped. When using special equipment and technology, you can be overheard even when your phone is turned off. The criminals can turn on the microphone inside your phone remotely and without your knowing. In that way, all conversations near the phone will be overheard. In other words, the phone turns into a spy phone. 

When your phone is being eavesdropped on, you can’t find anything abnormal on your phone screen. The hackers are good at hiding the programs and keep them only working on the backdoor. So you can’t determine that you are being tapped. You must use a tool like a cell phone jammer to get rid of them. 

A cell phone jammer is a machine that can block phone calls by jamming the entire telephone frequency bands; that’s why they are also known as cell phone blockers. Many businesses are using such devices during meetings to prevent eavesdropping. And many private security guard service companies install them for their clients to protect them from the spy phone.

Interesting facts: The first modified Nokia spy phone appeared in December 2004 in the direction of spying on the Nokia 6100, and a French company set up 3310 mobile phones.

Blocking phone frequency is not enough for some advanced spying technology as the spy phone can still be controlled by hackers via wifi. So you have to block the wifi network as well. Some all-in-one signal jammers offer such features which you can block multiple frequency bands, like wifi and GPS.

America has long and tastefully exploited the theme of “electronic” control over its citizens. They are used by specially trained FBI agents and other spies. In Russia, nothing about such methods was heard. And only recently, the assumption that any Russians can leave traces that are quite “readable” for specialists was confirmed, especially if you have a cell phone in your pocket.

Cell phone calls helped the investigation identify the suspects in the murder of Andrei Kozlov, the first deputy of the Central Bank of Russia. The prosecutor’s office asked mobile operators for a database of people’s conversations in the area of the attack an hour or two before the murder. We got a clear calculation: phone numbers, last names, and information on who the phones are registered. Thus, the first lead in solving a high-profile crime was obtained.

It turns out that you can get a copy of any of our conversations at any time. Yes, but the worse thing is that digital criminals begin to hack into the database of the telecommunication companies and steal everything they are looking for, which could be a copy of anyone’s phone call conversations.

In this regard, protecting yourself or your business from unauthorized information retrieval through a mobile phone is worth protecting yourself or your business. The best way is to use a cell phone blocker, as mentioned above.

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