Faced with the development of geolocation solutions, a device has just appeared in the field of counterintelligence. The GPS jammer: small, discreet, but extremely effective.

Counterintelligence is a booming market; by consulting the online sales sites of companies specializing in this field, we can see that many are freely available on the net. You can get a mini spy camera detector for less than 40€. Other products have appeared in this market to block GSM frequencies with GSM jammers and GPS frequencies with GPS jammers.

Benefits of a GPS Jammer

The GPS jammer is a novelty; it can jam L1-type GPS signals without jamming the GSM radio waves. Very small in size, the GPS jammer can be used with the utmost discretion. Its operation is all the more simple; a simple connection of the GPS jammer to your cigarette lighter is enough. On the price side, the GPS jammer is a device that can be purchased on the web for less than 300€. It is a small-budget account to use this device. The GPS jammer can accompany the driver on each outing in its small format, providing serenity and safety.

The GPS jammer: a danger for geolocation?

So the question arises: Is the GPS jammer a real geolocation nightmare, especially for companies that track their fleet? Or is it a fashionable gadget without much real effectiveness?

By using a GPS jammer device, you have the option of not being tracked. Indeed, the car GPS tracker or other geolocation systems are used and present in many contexts. Managers of transport, taxi, ambulance, or vehicle rental companies use this type of system.

In this context, the GPS jammer can jam GPS-type radio waves and frequencies. But this use remains limited. Indeed, the manufacturers of GPS systems consider the evolution of technology in counterintelligence. They are developing more effective and less sensitive solutions for GPS jammers daily. It’s a witch hunt between developers on both sides.

GPS security specialists are never satisfied with the effectiveness of their devices against usurpers, criminals, and other profiteers. They are constantly making technical improvements to their technology so that it is more and more resistant to attacks launched by GPS jammers. On the other hand, for a given company, implementing an overall security strategy that is not based solely on reports from GPS trackers considerably reduces the effectiveness and usefulness of GPS jammers.

GPS trackers: more than a gadget

The GPS tracker is a real-time geolocation system. Precisely, the GPS tracker allows you to be informed of the position of your child, pet, employee, or vehicle directly on your mobile. The operation of the GPS tracker is very simple; a small geolocation application on the device is enough, and you will instantly receive the geolocation coordinates of the GPS tracker by SMS. You consult this data directly from a GPS application on a smartphone or PC.

The most powerful GPS tracker offers a remote listening function. A simple call to the number of the Sim that you have inserted into the device picks up directly, so you can listen to everything happening next to the tracker.

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