What is LoJack?

 LoJack is a tracking device that helps law enforcement to identify the vehicle that has been stolen. It operates by receiving a signal from an onboard GPS receiver and then relaying this information to law enforcement. The device sends out a signal picked up by a “beacon” that can be found in your car and will provide information about where your car was located at the time of theft. LoJack is a technology developed in the 1970s by AT&T to help protect owners of cars from theft. The inventor of LoJack was a young engineer named Craig McCaw. He invented the technology while working for AT&T. LoJack has several options available, including GPS tracking, anti-theft security, anti-theft alarm, theft recovery, and remote immobilization.

How Does LoJack Work?

LoJack works by transmitting a signal to the vehicle’s ignition system and tracking its location using satellite technology. This technology allows police to track stolen vehicles and apprehend their thieves. Insurance companies can also use the system to help find lost or stolen cars so they can be returned to their owners as quickly as possible. As a result, LoJack has become one of the most popular products on the market.

Can I Use a Signal Jammer to Block the LoJack Tracking Device?

For whatever reasons you want to block the LoJack signal, we at Jammer Master have solutions for you.

As you know, the LoJack systems heavily rely on GPS. The data transmission between the LoJack receiver and the satellites is run on the GPS channel. That means we can disrupt their communications by blocking the GPS radio waves.

How is that possible?

Well, the GPS jammer is all you need.

GPS signal jammers, also kown as GPS blockers, are devices designed to interfere with a GPS receiver, such as a GPS tracker or your smartphone. GPS jammer will prevent it from connecting with the sender – the satellites in the sky. They work by sending out many noise signals that override the radio waves within their range. The result is that the communications between the sender and receiver are disconnected. 

Signal jammers that can block LoJack

Below are our signal jammers that can block LoJack. There are desktop or portable jammers, and most of them can jam LoJack and other channels like a cell phone or wifi network. You can remove the antennas if you want to keep them off.


cellphone jammer

JM001 is a all-in-one signal jammer. You can block LoJack, cell phone, wifi, walkie-talkie and more.


mobilephone jammer

JM007 is a powerful signal jammer with suitecase design. It can jam GPS, cell phone, wifi, LoJack and more. The jamming distance is about 80 meters.


cellphone jammers

JM008 is a portable LoJack jammer. With the easy to carry design, it’s best for outdoor usage.

These are parts of our products that can block LoJack. You can check out our shop page for more products.

Why Jammer Master?

We at Jammer Master are the experts of signal blocking. We have been working in this industry for more than 10 years. All of our products are produced by our own team so we can have a complete control over the quality. We offer free worldwide shipping and one year warranty for all orders. If you have any questions please drop us a line and we are always happy to help.