The era of mobile phones began at the end of the 20th century, and in the 21st century, mobile phones have become the calling card of the time. A smartphone is not just a means of communication but also a camera, a video camera, a GPS navigator, and a portable computer, so it has become an indispensable device for everyone.

But sometimes, cell phones are a nuisance. For example, when they call at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Imagine that someone in the hall began to play on the phone during the performance. This situation will seem unpleasant, both to the artists and the audience.

Cell phone blockers will help solve the problem. Initially, they were used by the military and employees of strategic facilities to protect against wiretapping. But in recent years, devices have also become available to civilian organizations. We at Jammer Master represent signal jammers on the USA market. In our catalog – are more than ten models, different in functionality, cost, and technical characteristics.

Where are cell phone signal jammers used?

When you are buying your first signal jammer, you should consider where you want to use it. Here are the classic usage for signal jammers:

  • Military-industrial complex: military headquarters and units, military shipyards and factories, design bureaus, and research institutes. One of the functions of jammers is to protect against spyware.
  • The justice system: courts, prisons, re-education centers, detention centers.
  • Business structures: meeting rooms, conference rooms, production lines, offices.
  • Educational institutions: boarding schools, schools, technical schools, institutes, universities, and military schools. Signal jamming is often used during exams and exams in secondary and higher educational institutions.
  • Cultural institutions: theaters, cinemas, concert halls.
  • Medical centers: operating rooms and treatment rooms.
  • Subways – to counter the terrorist threat.
  • Churches.

Types of jammers for cellular communications and the Internet

You can find several signal jammers on our web store, such as the cell phone jammer we mentioned above, or wifi jammers, GPS jammers, and drone jammers. They are designed to do the different task to block signals work on different frequency bands.

Other then the frequency bands, jammers are divided into:


electronic jammer

A portable version of the jammer, powered by a battery and designed for a short range. The battery life provides several hours of operation, usually no more than twelve. Portable devices fit in a bag or pocket. They are used at events held in compact spaces. Often, portable jammers are disguised as purses, wallets, packs of cigarettes, and other items that do not attract attention.


gps blocker

The largest and most powerful models have a coverage radius of 200-300 sq. m. and above. More than ten antennas can be included in their package. Stationary jammers can work around the clock and are used on a “professional” scale. Hospitals purchase them for the correct equipment operation, theaters for maintaining silence during performances, and large enterprises for conferences and meetings.

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