The cell phone jammers appeared on the market less than 30 years ago but have already become an indispensable assistant in many places. Thank about these situations: the employees do not listen to the leader during the team meeting but watch the news on Twitter, or the competitors try to eavesdrop on a trade negotiation through the device of one of the staff? And how in the theater remind the audience that they came to enjoy the opera or a luxurious ballet and not answer the endless inbox?

The answer is simple! You should buy a cell phone jammer, whether a portable or desktop can get the job done perfectly. The first is indispensable when talking in the car or on your account. The second will help if a meeting is planned in a conference room if you want to ensure silence at a mass event.

When are cell phone jammers needed?

We have already talked a little about when cell phone jammers will be useful in everyday affairs or life. There are many more situations when conversations and communication on a cell phone is undesirable. All of them can be attributed to one of the following groups:

Organizational necessity

cell phone signal blocker

The expansion of the capabilities of cell phones has led to the fact that the developers of viruses and spyware have paid attention to this type of communication. Owners of mobile phones may not even suspect that the device is being hacked or monitoring its owner; even when it is turned off, it receives and transmits information via the back door. In addition, the electromagnetic waves emitted by each apparatus can be intercepted and decoded.

Mobile jammers will help not to think about possible problems. They are located in meeting rooms, offices of responsible employees, and managers. The goal is to maintain confidentiality during negotiations, signing agreements, etc. The exclusion of extraneous calls is no less important than the maintenance of a business environment. If you wish, you can jam not only the phone signal but also GPS and wifi, which can completely protect you from being overheard.

Structural need

mobile jammers

Cell phone jammers are installed and turned on in educational institutions, cinemas, museums, and libraries. In the first case, everything is done to ensure that pupils and students cannot use phones as cheat sheets when passing exams and tests.

The situation is somewhat different with cultural institutions, temples, and churches. It is assumed that a person comes here to touch the beautiful, think about the soul, and pray for loved ones. Cell phone calls destroy the special atmosphere, making it difficult to immerse yourself in music and feel the artist’s or director’s intention.

Another institution in which cell phone jammers are necessary is banks and credit organizations. No one should know whether the client deposits money into the account or receives it, who is going to pay, what transactions with money to receive;

Protection of personal information space

phone block

Wives watch their husbands; criminals watch their chosen victims, and business people watch competitors. Bugs, voice recorders, and video cameras become so small that it becomes more and more difficult to notice them on clothes or in a car. Installing a jammer will block such communication channels. No one can invade your privacy anymore.

It is important to emphasize that at the state level, all kinds of phone jammers have been used for a long time and actively. They are installed in the metro and in crowded places to reduce the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Jammers are used in prisons and pre-trial detention centers so that persons under investigation and prisoners cannot pass the information on to accomplices and pressure witnesses. It does not do without jammers at defense, secret factories, and facilities.

Everyone has their reasons for using jammers. 

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