Jammer for GPS

You can protect yourself from a position determination or secret eavesdropping with a so-called GPS jammer. This jammer mission can be very important under certain circumstances because the danger of being located by your cell phone or tapped during important calls is omnipresent and can have serious consequences.

The signal jammer works based on a specially developed algorithm that causes interference in a specific signal area. For example, if a smartphone is recording, a signal jammer will detect and block it. The jammer now sends noise signals to the smartphone and causes it to react to these signals. The result is that noise is generated, making the recordings completely inaudible.

Bug jammer to ward off wiretapping bugs

In the entry-level range, reliable signal jammers are below the $600 mark. An example is the signal jammer with noise generator we can offer in our online shop.

A reliable and powerful signal jammer is better said than a bug jammer. It detects bugs and renders them harmless by emitting voice frequencies, ultrasound and static noise. Five ultrasonic transducers and a powerful loudspeaker are used here.

The range of up to 80 meters is impressive. However, we recommend a range of up to 20 meters for maximum efficiency. You don’t have to worry about it being too powerful because the jammer can also be used silently. Another plus point: external speakers can be switched on for larger rooms.

If you want to spend little money for a lot of performance, you are well served with this signal jammer. Because the device is small and relatively cheap, it brings a lot of performance, which you rarely find in comparable products in this price range.

Another very professional jammer to protect against unwanted eavesdropping is our top-class signal jammer with a noise generator.

This signal jammer creates a lot of noise signals and interferes with the tapping device of all kinds from a clear recording. It has an incredibly wide directional angle of 330°, which provides comprehensive protection at a distance of up to 20 meters. It is perfectly suited to protecting sensitive information and conversations that are classified as confidential from unwanted eavesdropping and eavesdropping.

The other feature of this device is how it works. A specially designed algorithm forces resonance from listening devices, resulting in inaudible recordings. Any microphone placed near this device will be completely overwhelmed with noise and disabled.

In contrast to large, fixed devices that can only be set up at one location, this signal jammer is very mobile and easy to use. This means that it can be used over a large area indoors. Protect your conference rooms, offices, meetings or private premises.

You can find more signal jammers here in our online shop. We at Jammer Master are professional signal jammer supplier. We have been working in the signal blocking industry for more than 10 years. If you have any questions about our products please contact us. We now also offering free shipping and one year warranty for all orders. Get your jammer today!

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