Buying a signal jammer is not a difficult task here at Jammer Master. But it would be best if you still learned more to get the best out of it. We have provided lots of information here. Today, we are talking about portable jammers. When you are choosing your first portable signal jammer, you need to decide on the following things:


portable wifi jammer

If you have to negotiate in the car, your office, or a competitor’s territory, you can choose the premium portable jammer from Jammer Master. Its dimensions are 128 × 75 × 44 mm. It will fit in a sports bag, pocket, and crossover glove box. Work efficiency will not suffer from this;

The radius of action

jammer cell phone jm024

The portable version is ideal for smaller spaces such as an office. If a mass event is planned, there is a risk that one of your employees is “cooperating” with competitors; you should stock up on a portable jammer. Its range is up to 40 meters. Even air temperatures down to -400C will not allow equipment to fail and unreliable persons to find out secret information;

Working frequency

Cell phone jammers by Jammer Master are multi-frequency. With their help, you can temporarily “disable” devices and gadgets operating in the GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G, wifi, and GPS. You can clarify information regarding a particular type of phone, or eavesdropping device, from the store’s consultants;


The portable jammer can be recharged or operated continuously from stationary sockets 110-220 V or a car charger 12-36 V. The stationary version works with a constant connection to a 220 V outlet.

Power surges in the range of 160-240 V will not disable the equipment and will not lead to the shutdown of the jammer.

Fact check for portable jammer

  • The distance between the jammer and the cell tower can affect the jamming result, especially for the low-power portable jammer. You can’t expect to jam the phone completely while staying next to the cell tower.
  • Wall thickness and cladding material can also affect the jamming result. If a portable jammer is intended for several rooms at once, the result will be worse in the most remote;
  • The pocket or portable jammer is not enough for a large office or conference room because most of them are low-power.
  • Battery charge (for portable versions). Planning a long meeting or a serious conversation? It is better to prepare for it in advance and charge the battery.
  • Each jammer is equipped with several antennas designed for a specific frequency range. For example, our portable cell phone jammers can also block wifi simultaneously. If all you want to jam is a mobile communication and leave the wifi signal, you should remove the antennas blocking wifi.
  • Signal jammers do not make any sounds themselves; the operation is silent. They do not interfere with washing machines or dishwashers. Even a laptop with a computer will not turn off unexpectedly. It will not be possible to go online or send an e-mail if the necessary frequencies are blocked.

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