There are two types of cell phone signal blocker models: portable and desktop. If you have decided to get a portable model, carefully monitor its battery life as these are the two most important things you should pay close attention to. If everything works as it should, you can opt for the device. Also, don’t forget that you can choose between different wifi blockers. So this is an option that you should also check.

Sometimes there are various discounts, and you can get a certain device at a low price. You can rely on the reliability of our site. By not being discerning on certain sites, you can be the victim of fraud.

The communications provider

It is also essential to check your local mobile communications provider. This step is necessary to be sure that the frequencies used in your country correspond to the frequencies compatible with the signal jamming device.

Always check the frequencies used in your country because it will be disappointing to deal with a signal jammer that does not work in the USA or Canada but works perfectly in Europe.

How does a cell phone blocker work?

Want to learn more about cell phone blocker technology? Understanding cell phones can help you understand how a cell phone signal blocker works.

To better understand how a cell phone signal blocker works, it helps first to understand how your cell phone works.

How a cell phone works

In short, each cell phone uses two different frequencies. One of these frequencies is used to transmit information, while the other is used to receive information.

Regardless of the frequency, the signal must first come from a telephone and then be sent to the base station. From the base station, it is relayed to the receiving cell phone.

The use of a jammer

When you use a cell phone jammer, the signals transmitted by the cell phone collide with the signals transmitted by the phone jammer. When the two signals collide, the following cases occur:

  • Phone signals are essentially canceled.
  • The link between the cellular base station and the cellular handset is disconnected.
  • Cell phone user is unable to make or receive phone calls

It is important to choose the best cell phone signal blocker model to block the signal in an area.

Some models can transmit signals over a much larger area than others. Therefore, you need to assess your needs and the amount of coverage you want. So you can select the cell phone blocker that suits you.

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