Cell phone jammers are a device that scrambles specified frequency ranges. The device is causing interference, preventing mobile phones and spy devices from working properly. Under its influence, it will not be possible to transfer information from one gadget to another.

What is the purpose of the jammer?

Any mobile device can be overheard. This does not require the consent of the owner. Many programs have been invented with which you can control the microphone and the camera on any phone. And you can do it remotely. The owner will not suspect that he is being tapped. After all, no changes in the phone’s operation will indicate the fact of espionage. Any secret information can be written down and thrown off using a simple mobile phone. You don’t even need special spy equipment.

Turning off the phone completely will not save you from tapping. A person can be spied on even if the mobile phone is switched offline. Modern methods allow you to eavesdrop on any device. Therefore, if a person suspects he is being tapped you can use a cell phone jammer. It will block all the radio waves to prevent data transmission; in that way, the hackers can’t receive what they are looking for as the connection between their system and your mobile phone has been completely loose.

There is another good reason why you would need a cell phone jammer. This is the provision of silence during public speaking. You can use a jammer if the speaker is annoyed by phone calls, beeps, and melodies when making a speech. The device will provide a fertile environment where the audience will not be distracted by the extraneous noise of mobile phones.

The specifications you should know when buying the signal jammers.

Before choosing a jammer, you should know what parameters and specifications to pay attention to:


The distance at which signal jammers work varies. The range of work largely depends on the power of the device and the distance between the base station of mobile operators to the radiation source of the phone absorber. Typically, devices for jamming cellular communications are produced at 10 to 80 meters.

The same apparatus for blocking the signals located in different parts of the same building will produce a different dampening effect for certain telecom operators. This suggests that the power of the wave from the base station is different in different parts of the premises.

Strong jammers are more expensive than less powerful analogs. When buying such a product, you need to check it. You will need to test all the device’s functions in your territory. Indeed, in different conditions, the device can produce a different range. The user needs to make sure that the purchase suits him in all respects.

Signal jammers are made of circular and directional action. The first ones work according to a certain diameter near the apparatus. The latter act on a specific place, emitting a signal in a strictly defined direction. Therefore, when choosing a wave damper, it is necessary to consider the distribution radius and the range of the directional effect of the signal.

Stationary and portable jamming devices

Stationary signal jammers, also known as desktop jammers, are needed to jam a signal of a certain frequency range along a given radius, subject to a constant power supply from a 220 V network. Another power option is a car cigarette lighter or other methods of supplying electric current. The signal jammer is installed indoors and is moved in rare cases. This is due to the size of the device.

For portable devices, the signal jamming occurs within a small radius, which allows, while ensuring personal safety, not to affect others. Another criterion in their favor is their low cost.

The best models of jammers

There is no specific device that is better at everything. Each jammer is good for a specific task that it can be used to solve. Here we will talk about the most in-demand devices among consumers.

JM009 portable signal jammer

cell phone jammer

JM009 is a portable signal jammer that can block all mobile frequencies except the 5G signal. It also blocks wifi, GPS, LoJack, and more. The range of JM009 is about 20 meters.

JM006 All-in-one stationary jammer

gps blocker

The all-in-one means it can block all signals with one signal device. No matter 2 – 5G mobile frequency, 2.4 or 5GHz wifi signal, L1 – L5 GPS signals, LoJack, UHF, and VHF, all of them can be blocked by this powerful desktop jammer JM006. And it can jam the signal up to 80 meters. And what’s more? JM006 came with remote control, so you can install it in your office or home and turn it on/off with a small controller. These amazing features have made it one of our bestselling jammers in the past few years. 

JM016 All-in-one portable jammer

wifi jammer

JM016 is the portable version of JM006. Both of them can block the same frequencies. But JM016 comes in a lightweight, portable design so that you can carry it everywhere. The range of JM016 is about 20 meters and supports up to 2 hours of jamming.

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