The phones we use daily need a signal to make a phone call with our loved ones, check out your friend’s recent activities on social media, etc. All of these can’t be done if our phone can’t transmit data with the cell tower or router, and that needs signals. Some can get angry if they lose the signals. So have you ever thought about why we need a cell phone jammer to block the signal? Well, the answer is: that not every place allows mobile phone usage, like important business meetings, schools, or prisons. Using a mobile phone in these places can cause a problem, that’s why we need a cell phone jammer.

Once we turn on the cell phone jammers, all mobiles within its jamming range will not be able to dial in and out. But sometimes, we want a whitelist to keep some devices working while the jammers are working. For example, if we install a cell phone jammer in prison, there are still many staff over there, and they need to call each other, or their leader will have to communicate with them by phone. Blocking all cell phones will cause another problem.

So the question is, how to effectively improve the interference distance of the jammer?

After the wireless jammer is turned on, the effective coverage area of the shielded signal is usually between tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters. However, due to the influence of the cell tower near the location where you install the jammers or other factors, the jamming range of the jammer may not achieve the desired effect. At this time, the user hopes to use some methods to expand the coverage of the shielded signal further so that the shielding effect of the cell phone jammers can be significantly improved. 

So, here is the solution.

First, you need to know whether the cell phone jammer is a qualified product of a regular manufacturer and then analyze the installation method and surrounding environment of the jammer. If you are installing a desktop jammer, you have to pay attention to the height from the ground. Generally, the installation height is about 1.8-2.5 meters. 

And please don’t put the cell phone jammer on the ground directly as that may cause severe signal attenuation due to too many obstacles in the signal transmission path and thus affect the shielding effect. 

In addition to these factors, and then observing the distribution of surrounding base stations, it is recommended to select the installation position of the cell phone jammer on the transmission path from the base station to the shielded area, usually close to the window of the room.

However, using a more powerful jammer is the easiest and most direct way to make the cell phone jammers cover a more extensive range.