Military jammers, as you can tell by the name, they are mainly used in military operations to disrupt the enemy’s communication network or radar, block cell phones in certain places, or block foreign broadcasts in some countries (especially dictatorships). Also called a signal blocker.

Such as military use against the enemy, security services, and interference with North Korean broadcasts to South Korea. It is the most used and studied field. The principle is relatively simple. It ends by sending out a noise of the same frequency as the radio frequency of the radar or communication equipment used by the enemy with a stronger output. The communicator or radar is so full of noise that the headset only hears an indistinguishable crackling, and the radar screen is filled with many dots.

But the reality is not so rosy. If it is determined that you are receiving radio wave interference, it can be resolved by slightly changing the radio wave used by the equipment. In other words, no matter how strong the frequency of SBS is, you will get a good screen if you turn the channel and watch MBC.

Of course, the thicker the shield, the sharper the spear, so when the enemy changes radio waves, it detects it immediately and sends a jammer at the corresponding frequency, or there are methods such as sending a jammer at the frequency of several channels at the same time. In the former, the key is to detect the enemy’s rapid conversion of radio waves, and in the latter, the power of the radio generator must be very strong.

Of course, the opponent changes the frequency almost randomly to several bands again in this case. If there is a delay, the enemy will track the jammers in the reverse direction and blow the radio-tracking anti-radar missile there.

However, the damage caused by such interference should never be ignored. If it was at the level of disturbing radar or radio communication in World War II, in the case of the most advanced equipment, the equipment might not work in the case of radio interference (…).

The South Korean GPS signal was disturbed by North Korea a while ago. Fortunately, only civilian devices such as navigation and smartphone GPS were disturbed here.

In some countries, jammers for blocking cell phones are installed in school classrooms or orchestra performances for when a cell phone noise-blocking alarm sounds. However, the military sometimes blocks radio waves in small areas (small areas such as toilets) for security reasons. In the past, when a high person passed by, radio waves were blocked for security reasons. When President of South Korea Park Geun-Hye attended the 2016 West Sea Protection Day commemorative event, it seemed that the news was completely blocked if it was close to the news, and the noise was generated if there was some distance. Even now, if the president passes by, radio waves are blocked within 100m for security reasons. Even if an explosive remotely detonated from a cell phone or other wireless device is attached to a presidential vehicle or route, it would be impossible to detonate if a signal jammer hits. In fact, during President Trump’s visit to Korea, there was a case where the surrounding cameras were completely blocked when a BEAST that Trump was riding passed by. The recording is fine, but the real-time news desk only sees a completely smashed screen because the radio wave is broken.

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