Cell phone jammers are used to block 3G, 4G, and 5G telecommunications. They are widely used for military purposes. But in recent years, many businesses have been using them in places where mobile phone usage is prohibited. Some cell phone signal jammers are also able to block wifi and GPS at the same time.

However, the primary purpose of cell phone jammers is to protect conversations from overhearing, both separately and in systems for comprehensive protection of conversations in offices, homes, and schools.

It is known that a cell phone’s microphone can be remotely activated using special equipment and listening to all conversations in the room where the cell phone is located. Therefore, your phone is a modern information retrieval device (“bug”), which must be protected from eavesdropping if the confidentiality of your negotiations is important to you.

How to choose a cell phone jammer?

Choose by Range

The jamming range indicates how long the cell phone jammer can block the signal, and it usually ranges from 10 to 80 meters. The range depends on the device’s power and the proximity of the base station of cellular operators to the place of work of the phone jammer. That is, the range of jamming of cellular communications for different telecom operators will be different.

The same jammer located in different parts of the building will give different jamming results for different cellular operators since the signal level from the cellular operator’s base station will differ at different points.

The more powerful the jammer, the more expensive it is. To understand how the cell phone jammers will work in your territory, you need to test it on the spot since it will show a different range under different conditions.

According to the principle of action

Cell phone signal jammers can be circular and directional. They work in diameter around the device and a radius in a specific segment. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the device’s radius and direction of operation when choosing it.

By execution:

Considering all the possibilities of using jammers, they are created portable, desktop, and outdoor.

1. Mini cell phone jammer

Signal jammer

This cell phone jammer comes in a camouflage design. You can not only use it as a power bank to charge up your phone but also as a mini jammer to block mobile signals within 10 meters. With the lightweight and small size, you can carry it anywhere you wish, and no one will find its real face behind the mask.

2. Portable cell phone jammer

cell phone jammers

JM018 is a powerful portable All-in-One signal jammer that can block mobile channels on all frequencies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. All wifi and GPS signals. The jamming range is about 25 meters.

3. Desktop cell phone jammer

desktop cell phone jammer

This desktop cell phone jammer, JM014, has the same ability as JM018. But comes in a desktop design. It’s more powerful as it can jam the signal within 40 meters. And it also comes with remote control, you can turn on/off the jammer remotely. Best to be used in your private business meeting.  


When choosing a cell phone jammer, try to list all your requirements and tasks that the jammer must solve. Where it will be used, what channels have to be jammed, etc. If you still have any questions, talk to the experts in this field. We at Jammer Master are always happy to support you. With our free worldwide shipping and one year warranty policy, you are totally risk-free when purchasing from us.

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