With the popularity of smartphones, more and more kids are starting to enjoy cell phone text messaging and various social activities. This is a national and international issue. Nothing seems to be done to stop them. As reported by WTSP-TV, a teacher in the EU used a signal jammer to prevent mobile usage, and the classroom suddenly went silent. Well, it’s quieter.

Can students use cell phones in class?

Some parents may think children should use cell phones to deal with potentially dangerous situations. But how does the school guarantee cell phone use? The principal of a Philadelphia school recently tried to explain to parents that their school will ban phone usage in the school. The parents were not impressed. Some people think that if you teach kids not to use cell phones in class, all you have to do is teach them to respect cell phones.

Should teachers use cell phone jammers?

“This is the structure of the standardized proving ground. A university principal said that the examination room would have a cell phone jammer installed in the new teaching building for the four or six exams that will open in December.

No doubt, phone jammers are the best way to change how cell phones are used. Imagine if all the students in the class are on their phones and you, as a teacher, turn on the cell phone jammer. You can instantly regain the dominance of the class. You won’t hear annoying ringtones if you need to use them in a quiet place. When you meet up with friends, avoid everyone watching the screen without speaking.

Many parents on campus are talking about the “cellphone war”: With the popularity of cellphones, many high school students will use their phones to view and read emails in class. And that is making the teachers headaches.

How can students be penalized for using cell phones in class if they don’t perform well? Most provinces in Canada are named. Teachers have the right to coercive measures and “must” comply with the teaching regulations. Some provinces (such as Ontario) will include more “students who use phones in the classroom” in the “Teaching Disorders” category. I once saw a student in a classroom in a Toronto high school reading an e-book on a cell phone. Still, the teacher confiscated the cell phone and eventually rejected at the student demonstration.

But schools also have the problem of guiding students. The Harbor School campus on Victoria Island, British Columbia, is inundated with student cell phones. Principal Gray has purchased a “Bluetooth signal jamming GSM signal” on campus. If someone is using a cell phone in the surveillance area, the device will quickly jam the cell phone signal, causing the user to feel the awkward voice of “Please pass me the phone”.