You want to use a cell phone jammer at home for many reasons. Maybe you just want to stay and relax without anyone bothering you with an annoying phone call or text message. Or maybe you don’t want your children always on their phones all night. No matter what reason, using a cell phone jammer at home is okay, but how do you choose the best jammers to suit your need? Here’s what we are going to discuss below.

But before that, we have to know how the cell phone jammer works. That will helps you to make a smarter decision when buying cell phone jammers. We will not blast you with many complicated words, so take it easy and let’s go ahead.

How does a cell phone signal jammer work?

As you may know, the smartphone we use daily exchanges data with the cell tower all the time. The cell tower will send data to your phone when someone calls you, and your phone will send data to the cell tower when you answer the call. The data on the fly is what we call radio waves. The cell phone jammer builds a wall between your phone and the cell tower to prevent data transmission and signal from propagating. When the jammer is working, the signal bar on your phone will always be at zero.

That’s all, simply enough, right?

Best cell phone signal jammer for home

Since we will use the cell phone jammer at home, we don’t need a high-power jammer that can jam the signal for a very long distance. A low-power jammer is enough. Here are the best cell phone signal jammers suitable to use at home.

1. JM008

Cell Phone Signal Jammer For Home

JM008 is an All-in-one signal jammer. It can block cell phones, Wifi, GPS and more. The jamming distance is about 66ft.

2. JM009

phone jamming

JM009, one of our best-selling jammers, comes in a portable design with 12 antennas. It’s best to block cell phones and Wifi. The jamming distance is about 66ft.

3. JM016

phone blocker

If you want to jam 5G signals, JM016 is your best choice. Yes, blocking a 5G signal is possible at Jammer Master. Check out how it works in this post for more information.

4. JM015

power bank cell phone jammer

JM015 looks like not only a power bank but also a real power bank that can charge up your phone. And with the hidden antenna design, no one will figure out its real face behind the mask. The jamming distance is about 32ft, and it’s best to use it in a small indoor space.

What if you want to block the mobile signal and turn off the Wifi or GPS mould? That’s easy. You can leave the cell phone antennas and remove others. You will receive a user manual for this when you place the order.

The bottom line

Signal blocking is easy with Jammer Master. We have been working in this field for more than a decade. We know everything about jammers like a book. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. Our friendly supports are happy to help. With our free worldwide shipping and one-year warranty policies, you are risk-free when buying from us.