I think not everyone is familiar with cell phone jammers. This is a tiny niche so you can’t find enough information to help you have a better understanding before you buy it. In the past few years, various signal jammers have appeared on the market, such as GPS jammers, drone jammers, or Wifi jammers. Most of the buyers, especially the beginners, are usually confused with the signal jammers’specifications, functions, and more. Today, we list the top three concepts that are misleading the buyers at most.

Output power is not the king

The higher the power, the better the jamming effect. You probably heard this claim before. But is that true? Yes or no. They can be right in some circumstances. For example, when you compare two signal jammers, one high power, and one with low power. Both of them use the same technology of signal blocking. Then the answer is clear: the high power jammers a offer better jamming effect.

But what you probably don’t know is that not every signal jammer use the same technology for signal blocking. A low power signal jammer, but with more advanced jamming technology can be very powerful, and offer an excellent jamming effect.

We at Jammer Master use hopping and multiplexing technology to jam the signal. These technologies will increase the stability of the jamming signal during the interference process, and that means a better jamming effect. Those technologies are best for cell phone jamming as they block the signal transmission with the cell tower better.

Directional Antennas Are Better?

Yes, we agreed with it. Directional antennas are better. But most of the manufacturers didn’t configure the jammers to make them compatible with those directional antennas and maximized the outputs, or they did but did not do it right.

Compatibility is critical for directional antennas because any mistake can cause upstream interference which will hugely impact the jamming effect. Therefore, all of our signal jammers that come with directional antennas are configured correctly. That’s why we didn’t receive any complaints about compatibility from our customers since day one.

What About The Distance?

We believe that the distance of the cell phone jammer is a clear indicator. The distance is not an absolute value. It is related to the strength and quality of the signal in space. In short, distance doesn’t make sense. For the same shielding force, if the distance at the weak point is 100m-70dB, the distance at -52dB is only 12.5m. The shielding distance is related to the antenna. The same power shield mainframes use different gain antennas and have very different distances. For example, an antenna with a gain of 16db has a distance of 100 meters, and an antenna with a gain of 4DB has a distance of only 25 meters.

In conclusion, when choosing a cell phone jammer, it should be combined with the actual situation of the field environment for personal testing. If you have any questions about signal jammers, please don’t hestate to get in touch with us, our friendly support team are happy to help.