Some of our customers ask questions about the cell phone booster. How does it interact with the signal jammer? Can the jammer override the booster? So today we are going to discuss more on this topic more.

The quality of mobile Internet can vary greatly depending on the chosen operator and coverage area of base stations. Usually, all problems can be solved by simply replacing the SIM card. But such a simple solution is only suitable for all people. In the case of a country house or cottage, it is necessary to amplify the signal from the base station.

How a Cellular Booster Works

Depending on the principle of operation, two main types of devices that can impact the signal – are negative and positive. Negative ones are cell phone jammers that can send out many interference signals to disrupt your phone signal. A cell phone signal jammer is a small machine with some antennas. With one click to turn it on, you can see all of the phone signal gone within its jamming range.

Positive ones are equipped with an additional device – a repeater, which allows you to maximize the amplification factor. Such kits are more expensive, but they allow you to provide stable Internet even in conditions of strong interference or a long distance to the nearest operator station (up to tens of kilometres).

Some kits may include an internal antenna, which provides local coverage of the house and area with an amplified signal. This is an optional device; in most cases, a regular router can perform its function.

Types of 3G / 4G LTE signal amplifying devices

There are wide varieties of cellular signal amplifiers, and which one to choose depends on the characteristics of the area where the device will be installed. That is, it is necessary to consider the device’s parameters and the terrain, sources of interference and other factors.

The following models are the most popular:

Small indoor antennas. Most belong to the passive type; the gain rarely exceeds 5-10 dB. Such a device is suitable for a house near the coverage area or to improve the Internet in the basement.

Large outdoor antennas. They require careful selection of the installation site; the higher it is fixed, the better. If you decide which Internet signal amplifier is best for the Moscow region, such a kit can do a good job of this task.

Antennas with built-in repeater and modem. This is the most modern and powerful option to improve the quality of wireless Internet. Such a kit will cost relatively more, but it will provide you stable access to the World Wide Web even in very difficult conditions. A distance of 20-30 km to the nearest tower will not become an obstacle for this device.

How signal jammers interact with the amplifiers

portable phone jammer

What happens if we place the signal jammer next to the amplifier and turn them on? Will my phone still get signals? That depends on the power of the output. If the signal jammer’s power is higher, the signal will usually lose, so if you want to block the mobile signal in places with an amplifier installed. It would be best to use a high-power jammer or even more than one jammer to ensure all the signals could be blocked.

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