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Build your own signal jammer

If purchasing such a device for some reason does not suit you, you can assemble a jammer yourself. This does not require rare components; all components can be easily found. To make your jammer, you will need:

  • aluminum block;
  • 600 MHz sweep generator;
  • 45 MHz jamming generator;
  • Rechargeable battery operating from 9V;
  • Antenna adapter and VHF connectors.
  • Soldering iron and a drill.

The step by step guide

Here’s the step-by-step guide to building signal jammer yourself:

Take the oscillating frequency generator – this is our main microcircuit. Attach a jammer to it that will drive the receiver’s LO port. The impulse must be sent through the matching network.

Connect the local oscillator port to the antenna adapter. This is our RF input. The pulse output will be directed to the amplifier, and the amplified signal will be fed to the antenna.

Drill holes in the aluminum block for mounting parts and VHF connectors.

Solder the VHF connectors to the outputs on the main chip.

Install the voltage regulator and battery into the device case. Be sure to separate the battery from other components on the board to prevent a short circuit. You can use foam.

Connect the antennas to the VHF connectors, and connect the switch to the power circuit.

The device is ready. To better understand how to perform these steps, look up detailed cell jammer diagrams online and watch YouTube assembly videos.

phone jamming

Instructions for use

The scheme for using the jammer is as simple as possible. To start using the portable device, screw the antennas into it, turn it on, and then wait 10 seconds.

After this time, all signals in the range must be blocked. If there are any problems, the desired frequencies are not found, and the signal is not muted, try the following:

  • Disconnect the device from the network if it was charging;
  • Turn off the device, unscrew all antennas;
  • Remove the cover and remove the chip;
  • Tighten the trimmer resistor on the chip with a screwdriver of the appropriate type and size.

After that, the signal jammer should begin to see all the frequencies with which it can work.