The signal jammer can help us block any signal you dislike. Most of our jammers can block the signal from 10 to 500 meters. If you want to expand the range, you can use more jammers and place them in different spots to expand the coverage. But how about you want to reduce the range? Few of our customers ask such questions, but we have this guide for you.

Reduce the range of the signal jammer

cell phone jammer

To reduce the range of a jammer, it must be shielded with something to reduce the signal power for propagation. But you can’t shield the antennas only; that will disable the jammer. It’sIt’s better to shield the whole device. To do this, you should use a cardboard box. The box must be larger than the jammer, so it fits freely there; then, you have to wrap it with foils completely. Yes, the foil you used to wrap your food. The more times you wrap the box, the bigger the obstacle you create, so you’ll need to experiment with the number of wraps based on the size of your room. Signal jammer should occur only in your room and should not go beyond it. Any wall is also an obstacle and dampens the effect of the jammer. Since the device produces circular radiation, it is most correct to place it in the center of the room for even radiation distribution. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Therefore we recommend placing the jammer under the ceiling in the center of the room. If you placed the device on the wall of the room, then to protect the room behind the wall, we recommend that you place a metal sheet 1-2 mm thick on the location of the jammer or stick 10-15 layers of foil measuring 100 x 100 cm on the wall. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of penetration radiation into the next room. Signal jammers have a different radius of action. The simplest of them work a maximum of ten meters. Others are perfect for a small room or car.

Using the method above can correctly reduce the range of your signal jammer. The most important step is wrapping. You have to test how many wraps you need to reach the range you are satisfied with. Also, we DO NOT RECOMMEND the constant use of a jammer; please turn them on only at the right time, when you have negotiations, exams, or a service (church) in progress. When buying, please read these rules.

About Jammer Master

Jammer Master is a professional jammer supplier. We have offered our customers the best jammer for more than 10 years. Thanks to such devices, it is quite easy and simple to protect yourself from various spy tricks, overhearing, and more. You can visit our online store if you are interested in our signal jammers. We are offering free worldwide shipping on one year warranty.

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