It should be well known that GPS tracking has many advantages. But this anti-tracking device also has its own disadvantages.

Anti-tracking, or location determination, also enables an assassin to locate the victim and carry out the planned attack. But even in less dramatic cases, GPS tracking has some negative aspects.

Many assassins have already used the possibility of position determination to locate the potential victim at any time. In addition, many private individuals use their mobile phones to locate their partners because they are jealous and suspect unfaithful behaviour.

Because if your smartphone has been registered with a location service, you can determine where you are at any time. This means that if you tell your wife, for example, that you drive to work when you are meeting up with some buddies for a beer, it will be easy for the wife to expose the lie.

Also, some teenagers don’t want their parents to know right away when they first meet their boyfriend or girlfriend.

The GPS jammer is now a technique that prevents a position from being located.

If you carry a so-called GPS jammer with you, the Global Positioning System’s signals are disturbed, making it impossible to carry out a GPS fix. A jammer can switch off the complete reception of the GPS satellites.

Possible scenario of a jammer mission

GPS jammer keeps restaurants quiet

For years, Holger B.’s restaurant was doing great. But recently, he has noticed a clear decline in guests. A survey independently revealed that numerous guests felt disturbed by the constantly ringing mobile phones. So that this is no longer a problem, the restaurant owner buys a jammer.

This device will ensure no cell phone reception in the restaurant. A guest will never have to be disturbed by a ringing mobile phone again. Holger hopes that this will bring more guests again. In all likelihood, the Jammer will be able to do just that.

Signal jammer protects conversations with sensitive information.

As the managing director of a large stock exchange company, Robert M. regularly has important discussions with employees and partners. It is not uncommon for highly explosive information to be exchanged that is subject to secrecy. For fear of eavesdropping or a secret recording of the conversations, Robert wants to protect himself and buys a jammer.

The Jammer ensures that conversations can be held undisturbed and that no technical device within a radius of two meters attempts to carry out an eavesdropping attack or that a recording is not working properly. The desired safety and relief are now a reality thanks to the Jammer.

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