Wifi jammer is a machine that can jam the wireless network. When activated, it will emit as many signals as possible on the target frequency by sending out lots of white noise signals. And the wireless network could be broken because of that interference. Any smartphone connected to the target wireless network can’t access the internet anymore.

You can imagine your friends talking to you during a concert or rock and roll music event. It’s difficult for your brain to decode the voice of your friends. That’s what happens to your smartphone and wifi router when a wifi jammer is working nearby. The music from the stage plays a role quite like a white noise signal. They are extremely loud and powerful. That’s why they can cover the communication between you and your friends. The signal that comes from the wifi jammer is the same. It’s high power and strength so it will override the wifi network.

This example explains well the working principle of wifi jammer.

2.4GHz and 5GHz?

These are the two frequencies today’s wifi network is working on. And there is nothing complicated here:

  • 2.4GHz: Covering larger area but lower speed.
  • 5GHz: High speed but covering smaller space

Most of our customers probably don’t know what frequency their wireless networks are working upon. That’s easy, too. You can head into the wifi setting section on your phone, search all wifi networks around and look at the wifi name. You will most likely see something like: 2.4, 5.0, 2.4G, or 5G at the end of their name. That’s their working frequency.

Understanding the frequency of wifi is important when buying a wifi jammer. If you choose a jammer that only supports blocking 2.4GHz, you can’t use it to jam 5GHz wifi. But the good news is that some of our wifi jammers can block both frequencies at the same time. You indeed can’t go wrong with them. 

Why wifi jammers?

In today’s society, we are facing digital crimes, privacy security and data leaking is becoming a more and more serious issue, and we are even living under surveillance. We have the right to take measures to protect our legitimate rights and privacy. Of course, that has to be without undermining the interests of others. 

Some parents are using wifi jammers just because they want to force their child to leave away from the internet when they are not at home. Some surveillance cameras rely on the wireless network for recording so that you can block the camera with a wifi jammer.

For so many reasons, you can use wifi jammers. Just keep in mind don’t overuse it. And don’t use it for any inappropriate purpose.

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