Smartphones pick up a cellular network signal automatically. It is enough to insert a SIM card – and you are already in touch. But sometimes, this doesn’t happen. Why does the phone lose the network?

Reasons why the phone does not see the network

There are so many reasons that your phone loses the network connection. The broken SIM card may cause it, or maybe a signal jammer is working nearby, so the cellular signals are blocked completely.

The essence of the problem may lie in a hardware malfunction or a broken SIM card. After all, using a signal jammer is a rare case. We recommend that you first check the card on another phone. If the second device does not pick up a signal, contact the service centre of the mobile operator to replace the SIM card. Also, checking the SIM card tray in the smartphone will not be superfluous. Suddenly it was deformed or oxidized. If necessary, replace the part with a new one and check the phone’s functionality.

Pay attention to whether you are in a network coverage area. Perhaps you have left the coverage area, and the cellular signal does not reach you. Often, communication problems arise if you go down to the basement or other underground room. Thick concrete walls prevent the signal from passing through.

If you are still in the city, in the coverage area, and the phone does not see the network, pay attention to the specifics of its work. How does the gadget behave? He does not see the network, loses the signal, does not catch the signal well, or does not look for it at all. Ask neighbours, relatives or passers-by (depending on your location) if they have a connection. If the problem is only with you, you will have to contact the service centre since the problem is most likely of a hardware nature.

Contact the service centre so that the masters thoroughly diagnose the mobile phone. Perhaps moisture got into it, disrupting the correct operation of modules or nodes. Specialists will quickly determine the essence of the malfunction, replace the necessary components and return the device to working capacity.

The phone does not see the network due to a broken SIM card

The lack of a cellular network signal is not always associated with a broken phone. Sometimes the problem lies directly with the SIM card itself. It has its resource and is designed for a certain period of operation. The contacts are erased if the card is regularly moved to different devices. Problems also arise for those sim cards that are used from time to time, keeping the remaining period in a vase or on a shelf. Check the card on another smartphone. If it is blocked or damaged, take it to a GSM operator for repair.

Another reason for problems with the card is incorrect cutting for a new tray. We recommend you trust such work to professionals or change a regular SIM card to SIM from a mobile operator. Then you will be sure that you have a working card that fits the dimensions of the connector.

The phone does not see the network due to a hardware malfunction

Often, Android smartphones do not see the network after a settings failure or the installation of the next operating system update. You can restore the correctness of the settings with your own hands as follows:

Open the “Settings” menu.

Select the automatic mode for searching for a cellular network signal.

Check the box for the required operator.

If automatic tuning does not work, try manually searching for the signal.

Often, a smartphone stops seeing the network due to mechanical damage. Dropped or hit the device? You have probably damaged the antenna, radio contact, or power amplifier. After that, the connection becomes worse; the signal is interrupted. A professional repair will help to correct the situation.

Or maybe your phone has been blocked by cell phone jammer

The last reason is that a cell phone jammer may have blocked your phone. As we mentioned above, it’s a rare case to use a jammer today. But it still can be found especially in places where mobile phones are not allowed, like schools or prisons. The cell phone jammer also knew as a cell phone blocker. You can tell by its name. They can block all cellular signals to prevent your phone from communicating with the cell tower. That’s why your phone loses its network. Cell phone jammers can block almost all mobile signals, from 2G to 5G. They usually can jam the signal from 10 to 80 meters. So you should check if any such machines are working nearby.

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