A cell phone jammer, popularly known as a phone signal blocker, is a device that completely blocks mobile communications within a certain radius. Such devices are used in many places, such as in the subway, to protect against terrorists, schools, prisons, and state corporations. But how do cell phone jammers work, why are they needed, where can I buy such a device? Let’s figure it out in this article.

History of cell phone jammer

The first cell phone jammers were used by the military and employees of strategic facilities. The military, using such devices, protected themselves from overhearing and prevented the enemy from transmitting the information. And employees of strategic facilities use the jammer to eliminate interference from aircraft.

The device first appeared on the markets only after 2001. And we owe its spread to the King of Jordan, Abdullah II. In churches, parishioners did not turn off their cell phones, and the constant noise of calls distracted the king from prayer. He decided to address this problem with specialists. In 2001, Abdullah II came to Image Sensing Systems with an unusual order. He asked to make a device that would block the cellular signal in the temple.

Soon, the engineers produced the required device – it became the first jammer for cell phones.

Where and why are they applied?

Cell phone jammers are often used to protect information from leakage. Phone jammers are installed in large corporations, in government buildings, at government facilities, and in places of detention. To eliminate interference from overly sensitive electronics, such devices are used:

  • In hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums;
  • in research laboratories;
  • in service centres.

Some cinemas, theatres, museums and concert halls also install phone blockers. Everything is simple here – if the phone cannot be reached, it does not make noise and does not interfere with people around to relax. In the subway, phone blockers help fight terrorism. Homemade bombs are most often detonated remotely via mobile communications. When the signal fails, there is no explosion.

Recently, jammers have been installed in schools and universities. Most often, this is done during the exams, so students do not look for answers on the Internet.

The working principle of cell phone jammers

The essence of the jammer is that it creates interference at the selected frequency. This is not signal attenuation but intense white noise that prevents devices within a certain radius from receiving or transmitting data.

Below is what you can find inside the jammer:

  • Voltage control generator;
  • The tuning circuit that allows you to select the frequency;
  • Interference source, most often built into the circuit;
  • RF amplification unit;
  • transmitting antenna.

The size depends on the power and range. There are compact models and large boxes – like those installed at essential infrastructure facilities.

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