Signal jammers, as an ideal anti-espionage device, are getting popular today. Many people think espionage or surveillance are far away from their daily life. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Today we will show you the dark world with a piece of news from Mexico. Then you will realize why self-protection devices like jammers are necessary.

The Mexico story

According to reports from local portals, 12 Mexican states, together with the army of that country, acquired state-of-the-art software that allows them to carry out espionage on computers and cell phones on citizens, although it is noted that there are no judicial guarantees from any magistrate to carry out these types of tasks.

The acquired software can infect any citizen’s mobile phones and computers to steal their information without legal guarantees to carry out this surveillance and without any evidence that the software has been used illegally.

The surveillance state

The Digital Rights Defense Network (R3D) wrote a study entitled “The Surveillance State: Out of Control” that has been supported based on 600 requests for public information. This report not only reveals the acquisition of this type of software but also shows its unjustified use, with the potential risk it poses to the privacy of millions of people who do not know that they are being spied on. Three international companies specialized in the espionage of mobile devices and computers (Hacking Team, NSO Group and FinFisher) would be the ones that sold their programs to government agencies.

The Italian company Hacking Team suffered 2015 a leak of emails and internal documents, which detailed that Mexico was the country that had bought the most spyware, spending figures close to 6 million euros for that. According to these data, about 12 Mexican entities established a commercial relationship with the Italian espionage company. The report establishes that the vast majority of the authorities that acquired the spyware do not have constitutional or legal powers to intervene in citizens’ communications, so their use is illegal.

Several officials from the agencies that purchased the espionage software justified the purchase by arguing that it would be used by prosecutors with constitutional authorization to intercept communications. However, the report concludes that based on the data obtained through requests for access to public information, there are serious doubts about the legal status and justification of the investment made.

Things could be more terrible

Another important detail is that in recent years only two judicial requests to intervene calls have been reported, one in 2014 and another in 2015. This would show that the government agencies that have acquired the software are using it illegally, without any legal authorization. Some states reported requests for intervention that were not legally recognized, which are unjustifiable given the high cost of the purchased software.

Protecting yourself is the top priority

No one would like to be tapping, tracking or monitoring. But you are the only person responsible for your safety. Signal jammer is the best weapon to deal with all of this. With the ability to block signals of mobile phones, wireless networks and even GPS, you will be ensured no one can steal any data or information from you.

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