The signal jammers like cell phone jammers or wifi and Bluetooth jammers are usually discreet devices, portable or remotely activated in the office, and operate on a frequency of GSM, CDMA, wifi, or Bluetooth networks.

On the display of a cell phone or other device after you turn the jammer on, the inscription “no signal,” “select a network operator,” “network not found,” etc. is displayed, that means telecommunication with the jamming range is now impossible. Other data transmission via wireless networks are also disconnected because of the interference signal by the jammers. Thus, using a cell phone and other spyware becomes impossible as an eavesdropping device. Receiving any signal from a mobile device from the outside is impossible if the connection is interrupted using GSM signal jammers. The mobile phone or wifi jammer does not emit powerful radio signals, all-frequency noise, etc., the operation of other household appliances is not disturbed, and this tool is also safe for humans.

Hidden cameras, highly sensitive radio microphones, and other spy equipment are installed in hotels, offices, apartments, saunas, and cars – wherever information can benefit interested parties or harm the listened object. Communication and control with such “bugs” can occur via radio frequencies of CDMA, GPS, GSM, wifi, BlueTooth, etc. standards. Another problem is that conventional field detectors do not pick up the signal of spy gadgets and hidden video cameras. A false impression of privacy in a given room may arise. Therefore, modern wifi and BlueTooth jammers are designed taking into account these features, suppressing the signal in their range with a frequency of 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz, which overlaps these data channels making communication with wireless cameras and microphones inaccessible. The follower receives “white noise” on the video, a signal path clogged with interference, so the wireless network suppressor ensures communication anonymity in the work area.

Recently, special technical means of tracking the GPS standard have also become widely used – such hidden spying technology works not only for legal control over the own vehicles of organizations. Law enforcement and non-departmental structures have adopted GPS trackers when developing the cases they need, “private detectives” when tracking unfaithful spouses, business competitors for compiling routes and work schedules for an objectionable person, etc. Due to their small size and technical sophistication, miniature GPS trackers are very easy to hide and difficult to detect, and it is not difficult to acquire a tracker. As a result, personal location information can be a direct security threat and an indirect loss of privacy of actions leading to related problems. Therefore, suppressors of GPS trackers are also relevant now.

They are modules that prevent the GPS tracker from determining the coordinates by suppressing the GPS signal, and information of the “no data” type is transmitted to the tracking person or not received.

Such GPS jammers guarantee the vehicle the required level of anonymity and prevent the unauthorized collection of confidential information via GPS channels.

Radio warfare tools such as cell phone jammers and GPS signal jammers work effectively against advertised spy gadgets and more heavy equipment that can harm the business and personal interests of an individual or an entire organization. Since too much in the modern world is based on personal and confidential information, these technical means of protection should not be neglected, especially regarding serious and responsible cases. Protect yourself and your employees using modern, convenient, inexpensive communication channel jammers.

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