It isn’t easy to imagine our reality without a cellular Internet connection. But urban residents coming to the country often encounter a weak signal. There are many reasons for this, but a weak signal is not a sentence. There are several ways to strengthen it.

We have some posts covering the topic of signal jammer. It’s a device that can block the signal transmission to prevent someone from using a mobile phone or wifi network. The working principle of signal jammer and booster are similar. They all can send out high-power signals to decrease or improve the target signals. The signal jammer can block not only cell phone communications but also wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Cellular signal booster: what it is and how it works

Where the signal strength of cellular communication is insufficient, it is necessary to use additional means to amplify it. The signal received by the antenna is amplified and distributed over the internal antennas. They receive a signal from mobile devices located in the coverage area, return it to the repeater, and after amplification, it transmits the signal to the base tower. In theory, everything seems simple, but many nuances determine the choice of equipment, its installation, and its configuration.

The main causes of poor-quality cellular communication

Communication does not necessarily disappear in rural or remote areas. The signal weakens sharply in underground structures, workshops, and hangars with metal walls, reinforced concrete buildings, and on narrow winding streets where buildings are close to the nearest base stations. Sometimes the reason is obvious. For example, the roof of a house is made of metal.

But more often, special efforts are needed to determine the signal parameters and take measures to improve them. And it does not require complex devices. For example, such a function is already built into iOS; a special program monitoring GSM / 3G / 4G networks must be installed on an Android smartphone. The measured parameters will tell you the direction of the base communication tower, the parameters of the received signals, and the possibility of their amplification.

What equipment is needed to amplify the signal

There are quite a few options for organizing an amplifying complex for a cellular signal in the country.

Modem Amplifiers

These devices are designed to increase the signal level of cellular communications indoors. Such an amplifier may consist of two blocks. The receiving unit is where the reception is confident, and the distributing unit is where the mobile devices are located. The device amplifies the Internet signal but can also be used to exchange voice messages via instant messengers.

Routers with antennas

Routers with external antennas require their own SIM card. The antenna is connected to the connector on the router case with a coaxial cable; distribution indoors is carried out via wifi.


Devices for amplifying the received and transmitted signal on one or more cellular communication bands. Be sure to connect an external and internal antenna. They must be certified in Russia and have an automatic signal level control system. Otherwise, you may interfere with the cellular network and be fined.


Outdoor antennas can be narrowly focused on the base tower and designed for the signal of a specific operator. If it is necessary to amplify a weak signal of several communication standards, you need an antenna that uses technology. It perceives and transmits different standards and cellular frequencies of different polarizations. This highly efficient, versatile equipment restores communication up to 20 km from the base tower.

Equipment kits

Only a qualified specialist can independently select a set of components to ensure the summer cottage’s confident reception of cellular communications and the Internet. It is more suitable to use ready-made kits offered by many online stores of manufacturers of such equipment.

Signal jammer vs. Signal booster

jamming device

Now we know that signal jammer and booster are working similarly, but you get the opposite result. And that leads to a question: what happens if we put them together? After some testing, we have the answer to this question.

When a booster works within the signal jammer’s coverage, the mobile signals still disappear, but it’s unstable. If you want to block the signal completely, use a higher power jammer or two or three jammers together. That way, the white noise signals sent from the signal jammer will override the booster signals.

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