Nowadays, GPS tracking is common in many areas. Objects and people are connected to a GPS transmitter to determine their location at any time. The technique is used particularly often in leisure time. Everyone knows the function when using navigation systems or tracking a sports unit. What is less well-known is that many moving objects can be fitted with a tracking device. Two common uses are the front door key that is always misplaced or the bike that could be stolen.

While this type of GPS tracking is done deliberately, the technology is also used without permission. Illegal tracking devices on cars for monitoring purposes are particularly common. As soon as there is a suspicion that your vehicle is being tracked this way, it would help if you acted quickly.

What is GPS tracking used for on the car?

GPS tracking in automobile traffic has been a great achievement in recent decades. Whether via a permanently installed navigation system or smartphone, finding your way has been made much easier with the help of GPS. Switch on, enter the address and let it navigate you to your destination – so easy and effective. GPS tracking technology is also used to protect against theft, especially in expensive, high-quality cars. The vehicle can be located at any time via a small transmitter via GPS signal.

It presents an almost impossible task if someone wants to find these GPS trackers in cars. The technology is a blessing as long as the GPS is used out of legitimate self-interest. A large illegal gray area opens up from the moment of secret surveillance.

Go for a GPS jammer

GPS jammer is all you need for anti-tracking. It will block GPS signals to ensure no data transfer from your smartphone to the satellites.

You need to be clear about which GPS signal frequency bands you need to block, there are L1 to L5 GPS frequencies, but with the most advanced signal jammer by Jammer Master, you can block all of them with one single device. Other options available are desktop, portable, and their range of coverage.

A forbidden surveillance technique

Anyone secretly attaches a GPS tracking device to a car or motorcycle faces high penalties. In a judgment from 2013, the Federal Court of Justice presented the ban. Hidden shadowing using a tracking device interferes with personal rights in various ways. Only in a few isolated cases, such as with a judge’s permission, are there exceptions to this prohibition.

Nevertheless, it happens again and again that hidden transmitters are attached to cars for surveillance purposes. The target is, for example, allegedly unfaithful spouses or sick employees. Movement profiles are created with the help of GPS transmitters, which are intended to provide information about whereabouts. Some devices can also transmit calls to get activity alerts.

The best hiding places for the GPS tracker

To prove and prevent potential surveillance, it is necessary to locate the transmitter. This is not an easy task because there are several suitable hiding places in a car. A standard GPS tracker is about seven to eight centimeters tall. To track this down, it is advisable to scan the interior carefully. The dashboard, upholstery, or headrests are particularly popular places. It becomes more difficult if the transmitter is installed outside.

On trucks, even the taillights can offer hiding places. Be sure to inspect the wheel well, underbody and bumpers thoroughly. An important tip: illuminate each spot with a flashlight to clarify even the darkest corners.

Expert help is highly recommended

Even if no suspicious object is found during this careful inspection of the vehicle or motorcycle, bearing location is by no means impossible. Since a transmitter can also be installed in the vehicle, only a check using the right technology can provide absolute certainty.

If you are convinced that you are being monitored, professionals in the field of counter-eavesdropping can determine with certainty whether clandestine GPS trackers are installed in the car. Specially trained technicians from detective agencies who focus on this investigation know exactly how and where to search in the car and what technical equipment they need. These experts are guaranteed to find GPS transmitters in all vehicles and every hiding place.

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