Technological progress is proceeding rapidly. Eavesdropping recording devices become so small that they are completely invisible to outsiders. Even your mobile phone can transmit confidential information to criminals. That is why signal jammers are increasingly being used for mobile and other equipment, which are used to block signals at different frequencies.

There are three principles of operation of the main types of jammers: white noise is created, which allows you to disrupt the signal at a certain frequency; an electromagnetic shield is installed through which no signals pass, or certain equipment is temporarily disabled. Signal jammers differ in range and frequency range.

Cell phone Jammers

Cell phone jammers are devices that block incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, and mobile Internet. Their effectiveness depends on the distance to the antenna of the mobile operator and the wireless communication standards used. There are modifications with a different range, frequency range, with permanent or temporary action. Such devices are installed in offices and conference rooms where important negotiations occur. They are also placed in metro stations to prevent terrorist attacks.

GPS jammers

GPS technologies make it possible to detect a person’s location, even by mobile phone signals. GPS jammers can block the channel, which will protect against interference by outsiders. The frequency range on which the device operates: is 1200-1620 MHz.


Glonass is the GPS in Russia. Navigation systems based on Glonass satellite technologies allow you to determine the location of the object being tracked accurately. GPS jammers by Jammer Master can block them easily. They are tuned to frequencies of 1200-1602 MHz. Drivers most often use them to hide their movements.

Wifi jammers

A special type of wifi jammer is installed in some cultural and educational institutions, pre-trial detention centres, and other places where it is necessary to limit Internet use. A certain frequency is blocked, and devices cannot access the Internet. At the same time, the work of computers, smartphones, and tablets is not distorted. The process is silent and invisible to others.

Portable jammers

Signal blockers can be compact and fit easily into a pocket or purse. They can be carried with you and used unnoticed by others. The device can imitate a box of cigarettes or another accessory so that no one suspects anything. What is a portable muffler? This device weighs up to 1 kg, powered by a battery. The charge is enough for 1-3 hours of work.

Desktop jammers

There are powerful devices with a range of hundreds of meters. They act on the entire building or a room, can have 8 to 12 antennas and affect a large frequency range. Visually, a stationary jammer can be inconspicuous and designed as a suitcase or piece of furniture. However, the use of the equipment must be legal. The muffler operation announcement on the doors will help to avoid administrative responsibility.

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