More and more children and adolescents find it difficult to limit their playing time and suffer from an addiction to video games: they isolate themselves from their loved ones, and their school results plummet. However, it is possible to prevent this problem by promoting dialogue with your child and establishing clear rules, such as installing parental controls or setting up a schedule with varied activities. Here are 7 tips to prevent the development of a video game addiction in your child.

Limit console usage by setting rules

As soon as you purchase your game console, define the organization of your daily or weekly game time with your child. Keep in mind that, for specialists, the maximum recommended screen time for a teenager is two hours a day. This does not prevent some from dedicating up to seven to eight hours daily to gaming activity. The best way to avoid abuse is through prevention. Before turning on his new console, please discuss with your child the risks of video game addiction on his health: permanent fatigue, loneliness, depression, or stress, the repercussions on an addicted player are numerous.

If your child has a smartphone or a computer, also limit their use, by giving clear time slots. For example, no use in the morning when waking up, during dinner, etc.

Use a signal jammers

If your child can’t keep discipline, you should do more things to guide them to the right track. Some parents use a signal jammer to control the wireless network at their home. A Signal jammer is a device that can block the signal to disable the router. So internet access will be restricted and no devices can be connected to the router. If you are considering buying a signal jammer, we suggest you go for an all-in-one jammer. It’s a jammer that can block mobile phones and wifi at the same time. Yes, blocking the mobile phone signal is necessary because it can ensure they don’t have the chance to play mobile games with 4g when there is no wifi connection.

Plug the console into your living room

To avoid isolation, and promote social ties between all family members, install the console in a common space, such as the living room. This will allow you to monitor your child’s use, prevent addiction, and share moments of group play, including parents!

Offer him games adapted to his age group

The PEGI rating system rates video games to specify which age group they are suitable for. Before buying a game for your child, check its PEGI classification, and read the instructions for use. This will allow you to avoid confronting him too soon with inappropriate images such as violence, foul language, or excessively long games that would lead him to stay longer in front of the television. Are you hesitating between several games and not knowing which one to buy? Our e-Enfance partner and qualified testers will help you make the right choice.

Suggest other activities

A child’s development goes through a varied mix of fun and interesting activities, which allow him to learn, develop his skills, and let off steam. The use of screens is not a problem, provided it is associated with manual activities promoting mental and motor balance. Playing sports, sculpting, cooking, or even drawing helps to develop the imagination and empower your child without depriving him of his favorite video games!

Take an interest in his passion for better understanding it

Suppose your child already suffers from a proven addiction to video games. In that case, it is important to establish a trusting dialogue to help him get out of a very difficult situation. Gambling addiction is a pathology that locks the child or adolescent in his bubble, and he can often feel misunderstood by his parents. By taking an interest in the digital world and seeking to understand their passion for games, you will be able to get to know your child better. You will thus be able to help him become interested in the outside world by recreating the link and finding new centers of interest different from the video.

Good to know

If your child is constantly tired, no longer communicating, and becoming very irritable, he may be a victim of video game addiction. Do not hesitate to contact a specialized psychologist to establish a diagnosis and agree on appropriate medical support.

Stay flexible and understanding

Asked all day by his high-tech devices and the Internet, your child may have trouble changing his habits overnight: addiction does not disappear suddenly. Motivate him by congratulating him each time he tries to reduce his playing time: do not hesitate to reward him when you notice a real improvement. On the other hand, if your child persists in exceeding your limits, be firm by prohibiting the console for a while.

Protect your child in all circumstances

You cannot always watch your child and want to protect him in front of the console, at school, or in sports. In the event of an accident, Carrefour Assurance supports you with school, and extra-curricular insurance adapted to your needs and your budget!

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