A signal jammer solves a lot of unwanted noise and privacy problems. They are used for various purposes and almost always – during final exams in US schools. But is it possible to bypass the signal jammer? Of course, such methods exist, but first, you need to know how the jammer works.

The jammer is a radio signal generator. It is tuned to the station’s frequency and needs to be blocked: mobile communications, the Internet, etc. There are even drone blockers. The generator broadcasts a lot of meaningless signals – the so-called noise. It loses signals from the base station and does not reach the destination. Thus, any communication channel is disrupted or blocked. Signal blockers have a certain radius of action; they are single-channel or multi-channel. Based on the name of the latter, it is clear that some models are tuned to only one channel, others to several.

How to bypass the signal jammer

signal blocker

There are several ways to try to bypass signal jammer:

  • Get out of the jammer’s coverage area: into another room, into the street.
  • Create a radio shadow, i.e., hide from the action of the blocker behind a large metal object.
  • Turn off the electricity in the room where the jammer is working. It won’t work without a spare power source.
  • Try to use other communication standards: GPS, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, mobile Internet, and instant messengers. Inexpensive mobile phone jammers often do not affect the listed information transmission methods, limiting themselves only to blocking voice communications.

The applications of jammer

Frequency jammers are often perceived as a way of deprivation of freedom informational. This is partly true, so the scope of the legal use of devices is limited.

The installation of jammers is allowed for the following tasks:

  • ensure silence in the museum, theater, and other cultural facilities;
  • to maintain order and confidentiality during business events, in banks, offices of managers and employees of the company;
  • to organize honest exams in schools, and higher educational institutions;
  • in crowded places to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack;
  • in prisons and pre-trial detention centers so criminals could not coordinate their testimony.
  • Blocking GSM alarms and other actions is illegal and punishable.

How to choose a quality jammer

Before buying yourself a signal blocker, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters.

The size. This is important if you plan to migrate your device. For stationary use, dimensions do not matter.

The radius of action. It is important to consider it since one jammer may not be enough for a large object. There are models with the action within a 10 to several hundred meters radius. When calculating which range is best for you, don’t forget to consider whether obstacles come across in the way of radio waves – walls, doors, metal furniture. They narrow the range of the device.

Frequency. The channels are at different frequencies. Some manufacturers offer all-in-one jammers that can block multiple frequency bands, but more often, they make specialized ones – for mobile communications, the Internet, and navigation systems.

Several channels. The higher this indicator, the more communication methods can be blocked.

Battery. The devices are powered by electricity or batteries. It is convenient when both methods are possible.

Output Power. Medium power equipment is sufficient for normal use. Equipment with high and very high power is delivered to order and is practiced by law enforcement agencies.

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