You have heard of frequency jammers. But don’t know what they are or how they work. We will explain all that to you.

Frequency jammers have recently appeared in the automotive and telephone markets. These small devices are used to scramble the frequencies of the signal emitted by an electronic device and to divert them, either so as not to disturb certain professions or for less avowed purposes.

A signal jammer or signal blocker in telecommunications is equipment that emits a signal intended to partially or prevent communication between a transmitter and a receiver. While encryption refers to digital signal processing, jammer refers to analog communication. The jamming is achieved by superimposing a parasitic signal on the normal signal.

In the military field, a jammer can be used to disrupt or limit the communication capacity of the enemy1. It can also be used to render a GPS unusable by superimposing a parasitic signal on the signal emitted by the satellites.

There are also GSM signal jammers to prevent cell phone communication, for example, in theaters, cinemas, and prisons.

A jammer can also be used to neutralize the emissions of a tracer, for example, a vehicle tracer, and this on several emission bands. This is all the more useful since the most powerful GPS tracker offers a remote listening function, and a simple call to the number of the SIM card inserted in the device will allow it to answer directly. , allowing a listening of what is next to the plotter3. Some tracers only emit episodically, for example, once every 5 minutes, making it all the more difficult to detect. Since GSM jammers are banned in some countries, it is possible to use only one GPS jammer. The use of the jammer may precede the use of a tracer detector until the neutralization of the tracer.

The different frequency jammers

There are several types of frequency jammers. More and more theaters and hospitals are using it. Frequency jammers prevent mobile phones from picking up the signal and receiving and sending calls or messages. For performance halls, it is a means of obtaining the respect of artists. For hospitals, it can be vital because certain signals distort the results recorded by diagnostic or monitoring tools such as electrocardiograms.

Some motorists also equip their vehicles with frequency jammers so as not to be spotted in the event of speeding by the police or gendarmerie. This is prohibited by law and can lead to prosecution and a large fine in the event of an inspection. Frequency jammers are also popular with car thieves who jam the frequency of your remote locking. You think you have closed your doors, which is not the case. The thief only has to break into the vehicle when you have turned your back.

How do frequency jammers work?

A frequency jammer is not a device that takes up a lot of space since it fits in hand. However, it is a technological tool. It is inexpensive but not commercially available. The Internet and the black market are the main suppliers of frequency jammers.

This capture signal with an antenna and scramble them; that is to say, they make them indecipherable. Some frequency jammers have a long-range, but the basic models do not exceed 40 meters.

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