Upgrading Your Phone Signal Jammer to Include 5G Frequencies

In recent times, we have received numerous inquiries from our loyal customers regarding their previously purchased phone signal jammers. Many of them have expressed concerns about the compatibility of their devices with the latest 5G technology. This article aims to address these concerns and provide a solution for upgrading existing phone signal jammers to include 5G frequencies.

The Challenge:

With the widespread adoption of 5G technology, it has become essential for phone signal jammers to be able to block signals from these advanced networks. However, older models of phone signal jammers were designed to block only the frequencies used by 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. This poses a challenge for customers who wish to continue using their existing jammers without having to invest in new devices.

The Solution:

To overcome this challenge, we have developed a quick and efficient method for upgrading your phone signal jammer to include 5G frequencies. By following our recommended approach, customers can continue using their old jammers while also blocking 5G signals.

Step 1: Utilize the Existing Jammer:

Customers can continue using their old phone signal jammers to block 2G, 3G, and 4G signals. These jammers are still effective in preventing unwanted phone communications.

Step 2: Add 5G Jammer Modules:

To address the absence of 5G signal blocking capabilities in older jammers, customers can simply add 2-3 of our newly developed SMa-818K90 medium-power 5G jammer modules. These modules are specifically designed to block 5G frequencies and can be easily integrated with existing jammers.

Features of the SMa-818K90 5G Jammer Modules:

  • Modular Design: The 5G jammer modules can be freely combined and assembled according to the specific requirements of the user.
  • Independent Power Supply: Each module has its own power source, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation.
  • Easy Integration: The modules can be seamlessly integrated with existing phone signal jammers, allowing for a hassle-free upgrade to include 5G frequencies.


With the rapid advancement of 5G technology, it is crucial to ensure that phone signal jammers are capable of blocking signals from these networks. By following our recommended solution, customers can upgrade their existing jammers to include 5G frequencies without the need to discard their old devices. Our SMa-818K90 5G jammer modules provide a quick and efficient way to achieve this upgrade, allowing for the continued protection against unwanted phone communications.