The Importance of Proper Usage of Full Band Jammers in Various Sensitive Environments

Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Full Band Jammers

With the widespread use of mobile phones, the demand for full band jammers has significantly increased in various sensitive environments such as confidential meetings, standardized exams, prisons, and detention centers. However, many users lack sufficient knowledge about full band jammers and often choose high-power interference without considering the potential risks. This article aims to shed light on the principles, risks, and proper usage of full band jammers to ensure their effective and safe deployment.

Understanding the Principle of Full Band Jammers:

Full band jammers operate by transmitting interference signals through broadband, disrupting the downlink signals of mobile phones and rendering them unable to function properly. It is crucial to note that full band jammers themselves emit radiation as they function as signal transmitters. The shielding transmission power of these jammers can range from 1W to 500W, whereas the maximum transmission power of GSM mobile phones is 2W and GSM macro base stations range from 20W to 40W.

Risks of High-Power Interference:

For general exams and small-scale meetings, selecting a full band jammer with a transmission power of 2W-10W is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. However, investigations conducted in major educational institutions and important conference venues have revealed a tendency to pursue high-power shielding without considering the consequences. For instance, in a school with over 20 classrooms, each equipped with a full band jammer with a transmission power of 50W, inadequate attention to usage and lack of intelligent unified management often result in delayed shutdowns and continuous emissions for several weeks. This situation can lead to prolonged exposure to high-power emissions, posing potential health risks.

Recommendations for Proper Usage:

In light of the aforementioned risks, it is crucial to emphasize responsible usage of full band jammers. The following recommendations are strongly advised for all entities utilizing full band jammers:

  1. Avoid blindly selecting high-power shielding: For a single classroom, opting for a low-power full band jammer is sufficient to achieve the desired shielding effect.
  2. Timely shutdown after usage: It is essential to promptly deactivate the jamming signal after its intended usage to prevent continuous radiation.
  3. Choose products from reputable manufacturers: It is imperative to select full band jammers produced by legitimate manufacturers. These products offer quality assurance, meet technical standards, and provide a range of options for different environments. Additionally, they come with relevant testing reports to ensure radiation levels remain within safe limits.


As the demand for full band jammers continues to rise, it is crucial for users to understand their principles, risks, and proper usage. By selecting appropriate transmission power, promptly deactivating the jamming signal, and choosing products from reputable manufacturers, the effective and safe deployment of full band jammers can be ensured. Responsible usage will not only protect sensitive environments but also mitigate potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to high-power emissions.