The Importance of Proper Installation and Placement of Cell Phone Jammers in Examination Halls

In the construction process of standardized examination halls, the installation of Cell Phone Jammers is a common practice. However, some customers may find that the jammer’s blocking effect is not ideal after it is turned on. Apart from the factors related to the selection and performance of the jamming device itself, the installation method and placement of the device become crucial in determining its effectiveness.

Choosing the Right Installation Position:

Cell Phone Jammers in examination halls are typically installed according to the original design drawings. The most common installation positions include the sides of the front and back blackboards, the top of the blackboard in the middle, the top corners of the front and back walls of the classroom, the middle area of the side walls, and the middle beam of the classroom. However, some people may choose to place the jamming device on the podium or hide it inside the lectern for convenience. This practice is strongly discouraged as it hampers the heat dissipation of the jammer and, if the lectern is made of metal, it further hinders signal transmission, directly affecting the blocking effect.

The Ideal Placement:

Among all possible installation positions, a theoretical analysis suggests that the most ideal location for a Cell Phone Jammer in an examination hall is the middle position of the classroom if it is equipped with an omnidirectional antenna. Hanging the jamming device below the middle beam is the best option. However, this choice presents two problems: it affects aesthetics and requires sufficient vertical space in the classroom. Due to these reasons, this most ideal position is often rejected as the first choice.

Considering Signal Transmission:

Mobile signals in examination halls originate from distant base stations and are transmitted into the classroom through doors and windows. Therefore, the most reasonable installation position is to select the middle position of the wall facing the base station. This allows the jamming device to maximize its blocking effect.


In the construction of standardized examination halls, the installation of Cell Phone Jammers is a crucial project. To ensure the desired blocking effect, it is essential to consider the proper installation and placement of the jamming device. By following the recommended installation positions and considering signal transmission, the effectiveness of the jammer can be significantly improved, providing a secure and fair examination environment.