Maximizing the Interference Range of Police Interference Devices: Strategies for Different Environments

Proximity Placement for Enhanced Interference

To ensure that police interference devices can shield a larger area, it is advisable to position the device as close as possible to the critical zone of the task site upon arrival. This is particularly effective when dealing with the dismantling of remote-controlled bombs. By placing the interference device in close proximity to the remote-controlled bomb, the disruption and shielding of the detonation mechanism can be significantly improved.

Elevated Positioning for Unobstructed Signals

In situations where it is not feasible to position the police interference device near the task site due to environmental constraints, an alternative approach is to place the device at a higher elevation. The advantage of elevated placement is the reduction of unnecessary obstructions. If the interference signals emitted by the device can be transmitted directly and unobstructed to the task site, it can greatly enhance the interference range of the device. When dealing with the dismantling of remote-controlled bombs, placing the interference device as close as possible to the location of the bomb can effectively disrupt and shield the detonation mechanism.

Frequency Parameter Optimization with Spectrum Analyzers

In conjunction with spectrum analyzers, it is possible to test the frequency parameters of the mobile signals used at the task site. By analyzing these parameters, the corresponding frequency parameters of the police interference device’s RF module can be adjusted to enhance its interference range. It is important to note that when setting the frequency parameters of the RF module, a range of 2-3MHz should be added before and after the frequency range to prevent frequency deviation during output. By employing these three methods, the interference range of the police interference device can be maximized in different usage environments.


In the realm of law enforcement, the effective utilization of police interference devices is crucial for the successful handling of various tasks. By employing strategies such as proximity placement, elevated positioning, and frequency parameter optimization, law enforcement agencies can maximize the interference range of these devices in different environments. These methods not only enhance the effectiveness of police operations but also contribute to the overall safety and security of the public.