Installation Steps of Conference Room Cell Phone Jammer


Conference room Cell Phone Jammers are devices used to block cell phone signals within a specific area. The installation process itself is not complicated, but there are a few small details to consider before installation. These details will determine whether the jammer can achieve maximum effectiveness and whether it will interfere with other electrical devices in the vicinity.

Step 1: Installation Height

The manufacturer recommends installing the conference room Cell Phone Jammer at a height of 2 meters or above. This helps prevent tampering and ensures optimal signal blocking effectiveness. Use the installation accessories provided by the manufacturer, follow the hole size diagram, and drill holes in the wall. Use expansion tubes and screws to secure the jammer to the wall. Then, the power cord can be installed.

Step 2: Installation on the Ceiling

If the conference room has a ceiling, the Cell Phone Jammer can also be placed inside it. Before placement, determine the material of the ceiling. If it is made of non-metallic materials such as wood, asbestos board, or gypsum board, the jammer can be placed directly inside. Use expansion tubes and screws to secure the jammer to the ceiling. Then, the power cord can be installed. However, if the ceiling is made of metal, it is not suitable to place the jammer on top. This is because the interference signals emitted by the jammer will be severely attenuated when penetrating a metal ceiling, and some frequency bands may not be able to penetrate the ceiling at all, resulting in poor jamming effectiveness.

Step 3: Avoiding Electronic Devices

Whether using wall-mounted or concealed ceiling installation, it is best to avoid having other electronic devices within half a meter of the jammer. This includes devices such as speakers, cameras, audio-video cables, etc. This precaution helps prevent interference between the jammer and other devices.

Step 4: Power Connection

After the jammer is properly installed, ensure a reliable connection of the power cord. Then, provide power to the signal jammer and turn on the power switch. Pay attention to the power indicator on the jammer’s outer panel. If the power indicator does not light up, please contact the equipment supplier promptly.


Proper installation of a conference room Cell Phone Jammer is crucial for achieving optimal signal blocking effectiveness and avoiding interference with other electrical devices. By following the recommended installation height, considering the ceiling material, avoiding nearby electronic devices, and ensuring a reliable power connection, the jammer can effectively block cell phone signals within the designated area.