How to Extend the Lifespan of a Full Band Signal Blocker

A full band signal blocker is a device used to effectively block various mobile signals, such as 2G/3G/4G/5G WiFi signals, in specific locations. It is commonly used in places like school examination halls, prisons, and detention centers to ensure fair and just examinations, such as the middle school and high school entrance exams, as well as regular mock exams. Like any other device, a full band signal blocker also has a lifespan. This article will discuss methods to extend the lifespan of a full band signal blocker.

Method 1: Proper Installation of External Antennas

For full band signal blockers with external antennas, it is crucial to install the antennas correctly and connect them to the power source. Before leaving the factory, the antennas of reputable full band signal blockers are already fixed correspondingly, eliminating the need for additional operations.

Method 2: Placement in Well-Ventilated Areas

To maintain the effectiveness of the signal blocker and ensure its long-term operation, it is recommended to place it in well-ventilated areas, avoiding obstructions from large objects, strong heat sources, and strong electromagnetic fields.

Method 3: Appropriate Power Usage

If the power supply of the full band signal blocker is not industrial-grade, it is important to avoid continuous operation for 24 hours. This practice can shorten the lifespan of both the power supply and the device itself. Signal blockers produced by reputable manufacturers are equipped with industrial-grade switch power supplies, allowing for 24-hour operation and longer lifespan.

Method 4: Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Over time, the surface of the signal blocker may become dirty. To clean it, avoid using chemical solvents and prevent water from entering the device. Simply wipe the surface gently.

Method 5: Proper Storage

When the signal blocker is not in use, it should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place to avoid prolonged exposure to salt spray and harmful gases.

Method 6: Avoid Placing Objects or Disassembling Antennas

During the operation of the full band signal blocker, it is important not to place any objects on top of it or disassemble the antennas. These actions can affect the effectiveness of the blocker and damage the main unit.

Method 7: Proper Installation Location

The installation location of the full band signal blocker should be far away from high temperatures and humidity. When using the blocker outdoors, waterproof measures should be taken into consideration.

Method 8: Avoid Complete Sealing

Do not completely seal the full band signal blocker with a box for the purpose of concealment. This can affect heat dissipation and lead to machine damage. Reputable signal blockers are designed with plastic casings that enclose the device components and have built-in circulation cooling systems. This method prevents heat accumulation and damage to the signal blocker.

By following these methods, the lifespan of a full band signal blocker can be extended. Proper installation, placement, power usage, cleaning, storage, and maintenance are essential to ensure the device’s effectiveness and longevity. It is important to adhere to these guidelines to maximize the performance of the signal blocker and maintain a fair and secure environment in places where signal blocking is necessary.