Factors Affecting the Price of Exam Signal Jammers

Exam signal jammers are devices used to block signals in examination halls to prevent cheating. The price of these jammers is determined by various factors such as power, frequency range, material, accessories, and appearance. It is important to consider these factors when purchasing an exam signal jammer to ensure that the price is reasonable and the device meets the required specifications.

Power and Functionality:

One of the main factors that determine the price of an exam signal jammer is its power. Higher power jammers have a wider range of signal blocking and provide better effectiveness. As a result, they are generally more expensive compared to lower power models. The ability to adjust power and other functionalities also affects the price. For instance, our company offers the 818B model in both standalone and network versions. The network version allows control of the jammer through computer software, enabling functions such as switching on/off and power adjustment. The standalone version lacks these features, resulting in a price difference between the two versions.

Signal Blocking Modules:

The number and type of signal blocking modules used in an exam signal jammer also impact its price. Different requirements may necessitate variations in the signals that need to be blocked. Consequently, the jammer may require different modules, leading to price differences. It is essential to consider the specific needs and signal blocking capabilities when selecting a jammer to ensure its effectiveness and value for money.

Material and Accessories:

Exam signal jammers come with different casings and accessories, similar to a plug adapter. The quality of the casing and accessories can significantly affect the price. Higher-quality materials and accessories may result in a higher price due to their durability and performance. It is advisable to consider the overall build quality and included accessories when evaluating the price of an exam signal jammer.


When purchasing an exam signal jammer, it is crucial to consider various factors that influence its price. These factors include power, functionality, signal blocking modules, material, and accessories. Merely judging the price based on appearance may lead to incorrect conclusions about its value. By understanding these factors and making an informed decision, one can ensure the selection of a suitable and reasonably priced exam signal jammer.