Can Indoor Mobile Signal Jamming Devices be Used Outdoors?


When customers approach us with their purchasing needs, they often expect to find a suitable mobile signal jamming device that can be used indoors and also be taken outdoors in certain situations. They also require the device to have an effective jamming distance of several tens of meters. However, the question arises: can indoor mobile signal jamming devices be used outdoors?

Classification of Mobile Signal Jamming Devices:

Typically, mobile signal jamming devices are classified into two categories based on their usage environment: indoor and outdoor. Indoor devices are generally low-power models, while outdoor devices are high-power models.

Effectiveness of Indoor Devices Outdoors:

To determine whether indoor mobile signal jamming devices can be used outdoors, we need to evaluate their effectiveness based on the maintained jamming distance. When indoor low-power devices are used in outdoor environments, the signal strength of outdoor mobile signals is significantly higher than that of indoor signals, with a difference of approximately 10dB. Consequently, when low-power jamming devices are used outdoors, their effective jamming distance is severely reduced. In extreme cases, even when the jamming device is 1 meter away, the mobile phone can still function normally.

Effectiveness of Outdoor Devices Indoors:

Conversely, when high-power outdoor mobile signal jamming devices are placed indoors, their jamming effectiveness is unquestionable and often surpasses the effectiveness in outdoor environments. However, the use of high-power jamming devices indoors is limited to a few customers, such as large theaters, museums, or conference rooms.

Reasons for Not Using High-Power Devices Indoors:

There are several reasons why high-power mobile signal jamming devices are not recommended for indoor use. Firstly, their larger size requires significant space for installation indoors. Secondly, the devices are equipped with high-speed rotating cooling fans, which generate a certain amount of noise. Thirdly, the purchase price of high-power devices is relatively high. Lastly, the impact of electromagnetic radiation safety needs to be considered, ensuring that the installation position of the device’s antenna maintains a safe distance from areas where people are present.


In conclusion, indoor mobile signal jamming devices are not suitable for outdoor use due to the significant difference in signal strength between indoor and outdoor environments. On the other hand, high-power outdoor devices can be used indoors with excellent jamming effectiveness, although this is only necessary for specific venues. It is important to consider factors such as size, noise, price, and electromagnetic radiation safety when choosing the appropriate mobile signal jamming device for indoor or outdoor use.