Why Cell Phone Jammers Don’t Use Remote Control Switching

Cell Phone Jammers have been in development for about two decades, but it is rare to find one that uses a remote control for switching. While some models used remote switches in the past, especially during the 2G and 3G eras, it has become increasingly difficult to find any shielding devices with remote control functionality in the past decade. This article explores the reasons behind this phenomenon.

The Unreliable Nature of Remote Control Switching:

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturers are not avoiding the use of remote control switches for Cell Phone Jammers by choice. The main reason is the inherent instability and unreliability associated with remote control switching. When using a remote control to power on or off a device, there is a high chance of encountering functional issues. This unreliability ultimately led manufacturers to abandon the use of remote control switches.

Types of Remote Controls:

There are two main types of remote controls commonly used: infrared (IR) and wireless. IR remote controls are most commonly found in televisions, but they have limitations such as short-range and the need for a clear line of sight. Even a short distance with obstacles in between can cause the remote control to malfunction. This poses a problem for Cell Phone Jammers, as they are often installed in discreet locations or obstructed by objects, significantly weakening the performance of IR remote controls.

Wireless remote controls, on the other hand, have a significantly longer range compared to IR controls and are less affected by common obstacles. However, the issue lies in the fact that Cell Phone Jammers themselves interfere with wireless remote controls. Unless the remote control is placed in close proximity to the jammer, it will not function properly.


The absence of remote control switching in Cell Phone Jammers is not due to a deliberate choice by manufacturers, but rather a result of the inherent instability and interference caused by remote control functionality. While IR remote controls have limitations in terms of range and obstacles, wireless remote controls are affected by the jamming capabilities of the devices themselves. As a result, manufacturers have had to forgo the use of remote control switches in Cell Phone Jammers.