Various Methods of Locating Positioning Devices

Exploring Different Techniques for Locating Positioning Devices

Positioning devices have multiple methods to achieve accurate location tracking. This article will discuss three common techniques: operator base station positioning, GPS positioning, and WiFi positioning. Each method utilizes different technologies to determine the device’s location.

1. Operator Base Station Positioning:

Positioning devices typically contain a SIM card, enabling them to receive signals from operator base stations and utilize data services. The base station locates the device using triangulation, a method widely employed in the industry.

2. GPS Positioning:

GPS positioning is a well-known technique that requires no further elaboration. It relies on a network of satellites to accurately determine the device’s location.

3. WiFi Positioning:

Similar to operator base station positioning, WiFi positioning relies on connecting to a network via a router. By accessing the telecommunication operator’s network, the operator can approximate the router’s location. This method is commonly found in positioning devices equipped with a SIM card.


To effectively interfere with the tracking of a vehicle through a positioning device, it is necessary to disrupt not only the mobile phone signal but also the GPS and WiFi signals. By interfering with all three signals, the device’s ability to accurately determine its location can be completely disrupted.