Upgrading the 5G Shielding Device: What’s the Reason Behind It?

With the official commercial operation of the 700MHz frequency band, also known as the “golden frequency band,” in 2020, it has become a shared 5G frequency band between China Mobile and China Broadcasting Network. Additionally, China Broadcasting Network has officially become the fourth major telecommunications operator in China and obtained a 5G license. As a result, the 5G shielding device needs to be upgraded accordingly.

The Frequency Adjustment:

On March 25, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued a notice regarding the adjustment of the frequency usage plan for the 700MHz frequency band. According to the notice, the frequency division standard for the 700MHz frequency band is as follows: China Broadcasting Network: 703-733MHz and 758-788MHz. Furthermore, adjustments were made to the 4.9GHz frequency band, expanding it from the original 4800-4900MHz to 4800-4960MHz. Specifically, the range of 4800-4900MHz belongs to China Mobile, while 4900-4960MHz belongs to China Broadcasting Network. With the rapid nationwide deployment of 5G base stations, the 5G shielding device will also undergo frequency band upgrades.

Changes and Impact of the Upgrade:

The upgrade process of the 5G shielding device will bring about significant changes and impact compared to the previous version. In terms of the 700MHz frequency band, the impact is relatively minimal, as it only requires slight adjustments to the coverage bandwidth of the previous 5G shielding device. However, for the 4.9GHz frequency band, which has a span of 160MHz, the upgraded 5G shielding device (such as the SMa-818B5) will include an additional 4.9GHz frequency band to achieve better shielding effectiveness.


As the 700MHz frequency band enters commercial operation and China Broadcasting Network becomes a major player in the telecommunications industry, the 5G shielding device needs to be upgraded to accommodate these changes. The frequency adjustment in the 700MHz and 4.9GHz bands will ensure that the upgraded 5G shielding device can effectively shield the signals in these frequency ranges. With the continuous development and deployment of 5G technology, it is crucial to keep pace with the evolving frequency bands to ensure optimal performance and protection against potential interference.